Why Digital Signage is Vital to Modern Healthcare

Across the UK, underfunded healthcare practices and hospitals are taking taking a leaf out of the marketing industry's book by replacing traditional displays with digital counterparts – but why is digital signage vital to modern healthcare?

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5 Key Benefits of Digital Signage

Adults in the UK now consume digital media at a rate of over nine hours every day, so it’s no surprise to see bus stops, shop fronts and billboards becoming increasingly digitised. As more and more healthcare practices and hospitals attempt to connect with modern audiences we look at the top 5 benefits of using digital signage.


What is Patient Wayfinding?

Provided you’ve worked in healthcare for any time at all , chances are, you’ve heard of patient wayfinding. You may well know what it is – or can make an educated guess thanks to the self-explanatory name. However, what you might be less aware of are the benefits of utilising patient wayfinding technology in your practice or hospital and the methods available for doing so.