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Jargon Busting with Jayex: The Difference Between Patient Experience, Engagement and Satisfaction

For those of us who didn’t go to medical school, healthcare jargon can range from confusing to outright indecipherable. To help clear things up, we're going to examine the language most frequently used when discussing how healthcare providers could deliver better care.

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The Challenges of Managing a Modern Healthcare Practice

The modern healthcare industry is fast-moving, ever-evolving and almost impossible to predict, so there’s always a new challenge on the horizon for practice managers. Here are some of the most pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Top 3 Ways to Measure Patient Satisfaction

Top 3 Ways to Measure Patient Satisfaction

In the digital age, everyone is searching for new ways to measure performance. Now, hospitals, surgeries and clinics are striving to quantify the care they give and measure how satisfied patients are with their experience.