About Jayex

Jayex Healthcare is the bridge between you and your patients. We provide the Healthcare industry with advanced systems that make managing appointments  and communicating patient information easier, more efficient and more effective. 

Like any bridge, the traffic flows both ways. Our technology provides a connectivity point that allows for constant information exchange between patients and healthcare practices, removing bottlenecks, taking pressure off front office staff and simplifying appointment booking, referrals, and prescriptions. 

6,500Healthcare sites and rising
across the UK use Jayex systems

Australia’smost downloaded medical appointment app

Trusted Throughout the Healthcare Industry

Originating in the UK, Jayex has worked with the NHS for over 15 years to provide the healthcare industry with world-leading patient flow management solutions. Along the way, we've established ourselves in the Australian market as the leading provider of patient engagement technology. 

Expanding our services further, we recently purchased Appointuit, an online booking and patient engagement application. Adding Appointuit to our range means we proudly provide Australia's healthcare practices with a single, all-encompassing patient management and booking solution, meeting the needs of patient and practice alike.

How We Can Help

We’ve come a long way since introducing LED displays to the UK market back in 1978 . Fast forward 40 years, and we now offer a full suite of digital solutions, designed to help healthcare providers make small savings that make a big difference.

To find out more about how we can help you improve patient experience, optimise performance, and cut operational costs, take a look at our solutions.

Our Solutions