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How Does SMS Benefit Patient Experience?

With 17.35 million Australians projected to own a smartphone by the end of 2018, mobile communication is well on its way to becoming universal. While it’s true healthcare has been a little slower to embrace the technology; things have begun to change in a big way over the past few years, with providers  clamouring to offer patients SMS communication.

This is in large part down to its potential role as a driver of patient experience  but why? What does SMS offer that is so important to patient experience?

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How do Patient Self-check-in Systems Improve Patient Experience?

As healthcare becomes ever more driven by consumer choice, quality of clinical care is no longer the only standard patients judge providers by. Patient experience has also become an increasingly important yardstick for measuring institution performance and the overall delivery of healthcare.

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The Benefits of Improving Patient Wayfinding

An increasingly consumer-focused healthcare industry has opened the door for providers to compete on more than simply the provision of care. Could improving patient wayfinding set your hospital or practices apart from competitors?