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5 Things Set to Shape Patient Engagement in 2019 and Beyond

Early January is generally the time when healthcare providers begin to take stock of the year passed and look ahead to the future. For organisations seeking to provide value-based care, this often means assessing the year’s patient engagement efforts – not only what worked well, but also opportunities for improvement and escalation in the year ahead.

To help with inspiration for the latter, here’s our list of the top trends likely to dominate patient engagement in 2019 and beyond.

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What Are Patient Reported Outcome Measures?

Although they've been adopted by other health services like the UK's NHS for nearly a decade, the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) has not yet been put into formal policy at a regional, jurisdictional or national level in Australian healthcare.

However, PROMs have much to recommend them, and they're starting to gain traction here as a new tactic for placing patients at the heart of healthcare.

But what are PROMs? Why are they important? And how should you go about collecting them?

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Serious About Improving Patient Experience? Prioritise Online Appointment Booking

Appointment booking might sound like a fairly humdrum place to begin improving patient experience in your hospital or practice. However, empowering your patients to book appointments online should form should form the bedrock of your efforts. Here’s why.