Patient-Calling and Information

Save staff time, improve patient experience, and deliver targeted healthcare messages with our Patient-Calling and information screens.

Key Features

  • Direct patients to multiple locations
  • Fully customisable content
  • Linux digital media player
  • Custom display for each screen
  • Live news, weather & traffic feeds
  • Audible or dynamic speech alerts
  • Average wait times & delay notifications

With our dynamic customisation and functionality, healthcare providers can display multi-media health messages whilst optimising patient flow in the waiting room with Patient-Calling.

Combining digital media player devices with commercial-grade flat screen monitors, our Patient-Calling and Information screens are the result of over 10 years of ongoing development across 1500 waiting rooms in the UK.

“Your system has completely transformed my waiting area, almost every patient I have spoken to is happy with the system.”

Dr. Chhitij Mohan
Dunsville Medical Centre

Call Patients at a Click

Our Patient-Calling solution allows staff to call a patient to their consultation room at the click of a button. Both reception staff and doctors can call their patients via their computer - saving valuable time for both patients and doctors.

educate and entertain

Display healthcare multi-media, health messages, news, weather, traffic feeds and Live TV - educate and entertain your patients whilst they wait.

Our Patient-Calling and information screens offer patients an unrivalled waiting room experience, allowing you to inform patients about health issues without the additional staff time and printing costs.


Display multi-media and utilise Patient-Calling across the same screen, different screens, all, one, or any combination of your screens. Customise your displays - choose what content you want to be displayed and when you want to display it.

Staff can simply update and edit targeted messages and add custom content over the internet. Inform patients on the latest health campaigns in your practice and choose the content that you want to be communicated.



Our digital displays are tailored to fit your practice, no matter how large or small. Choose the size and number of monitors to suit your waiting area.

Patient call messages can be displayed in full or split-screen alongside multi-media, with appointment notifications delivered as either an audible alert or dynamic speech.

Transform Your Waiting Room

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