Patient-Calling and Information

Save staff time, improve patient experience, and deliver targeted healthcare messages with our patient-calling and information screens.

Key Features

  • Pre-installed NHS/PHE content library
  • Fully customisable content
  • Direct patients to multiple locations
  • Linux digital media player
  • Live news, weather & RSS traffic feeds
  • Audible speech alerts
  • Average wait times & delay notifications
  • Split-screens for busy organisations
  • Integrated call-forward solution
  • Minimal power consumption

Designed with customisation and functionality in mind, our patient calling and information tool, MediaCall,  is the result of 10 years’ development.

Our solution couples a Linux digital media player with commercial-grade monitors, and with 1500 installations completed, has transformed waiting rooms across the UK.

“Your system has completely transformed my waiting area, almost every patient I have spoken to is happy with the system.”

Dr. Chhitij Mohan
Dunsville Medical Centre

Call Patients at a Click

Our integrated patient call solution allows staff to make a patient call directly from their GP patient appointment software or via our Enlighten application. Remove the need for reception staff or doctors to leave their desks or call patients manually—saving your staff valuable minutes and cutting waiting times for patients.

educate and entertain 

With the ability to link the display to RSS feeds for traffic, news and weather, along with live TV and informational content from the NHS and Public Health England, your waiting room need never be dull again. 

The Jayex digital signage & call solution, MediaCall, offers patients an unrivalled experience and delivers important public health messages, with minimal investment in staff time & no additional print costs.


Relevant communication is vital to a patient-centric service. Our digital media player has access to a vast library of material and offers users complete control over content. 

Staff can update and edit targeted messages and add custom content, with nothing more than a standard web browser—exposing your patients to the latest public health campaigns and content.


Customise to Your Organisation

Our digital displays are tailored to your organisation: choose  the size and number of monitors to suit your waiting area. Patient call messages can be displayed in full or split-screen, with appointment notifications delivered as either an audible alert or dynamic speech.

For busier organisations, patient calls can be set to appear in multiple windows to avoid delays. 

Need something a little different? Head over to our digital signage and queue management page for more patient calling and information options.

Transform Your Waiting Room

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