Digital Signage and Queue Management 

Deliver your message with clarity and improve efficiency with our digital signage and queue management products.

Key Features

  • Integrated with media
  • Wall, ceiling, or totem mounting
  • Ticketing or automatic patient-calling
  • Connected to NHS content library
  • Custom messaging
  • Single or split-screen modes
  • Audio announcements
  • Solo or shared control
  • Accessible from any Mac, PC or web browser
  • HDMI, wireless, VGA, and Cat5 connectivity

Digital Signage

Our digital signage system is designed with patient engagement and communication in mind. We'll help you find the option that delivers the best results for your organisation, whether that's a stand-alone information solution or a network of digital signs.

Our solution is so much more than a signage system, giving you the capability to broadcast a vast range of customisable content, news feeds, and even live TV.

Queue Management Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of queue management systems for hospitals and clinics. Our products range from our classic stand-alone call forward system to our modular computerised system, which allows management of multiple queues, data capture and reporting, and integration with media.

So, if you're a local practice looking to automate queue management, a large trust with multi-site requirements or anything in between, we have a solution to fit. 

Scale to Your Organisation

Choose how many screens your hospital or clinic needs and whether you'd like them mounted on to the wall, ceiling, or a totem. Our digital signage and queue management systems can be managed from a single surgery or across an entire trust network, with access levels tailored to your organisation.

Cut Queues

Ticketing and automatic patient calling reduces congestion at reception and in waiting areas. Patients are given an allotted slot upon arrival—cutting the time staff spend fielding queries and freeing up resource for clerical and administrative tasks.     

Increase Awareness

With the ability to broadcast everything from live TV to the NHS content library and wireless connectivity as standard, you’ll have access to everything you need to keep your patients up to date with the latest healthcare developments.

Improve Patient Experience

Shorter queues make for an improved patient experience, by both reducing stress levels and the time patients spend on their feet. And, by displaying the latest health topics, alongside news feeds or live TV, you’ll ensure patients are entertained and informed.

Master Queue Management

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