4 Things to Look for in a Patient Calling System

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Your patient calling system is one of the most important aspects of your surgery. Without it, your waiting room could easily descend into chaos, as patients wouldn't know where to go, who to see, or what to do next. 

It ensures a steady flow of patients through your clinic. Whether it’s calling patients to their appointments or displaying important health advice, it supports patients and clinicians across your practice. 

But there are many patient calling systems out there, and they're not all created equal.

Here are four things you need to look for to find one that's right for your practice.

1: Clarity, Visibility, and Audibility

If patients struggle to see or hear your calls, then it can cause confusion and unnecessary bottlenecks. So, your system needs to have the ability to perform both visual and audible calls. 

Clarity is key here. Providing your patients with multiple ways to engage with your system will ensure maximum exposure to calls and boost accessibility across the board. Remember, you'll likely encounter patients that are hard of hearing or partially- sighted, so your calling system needs to be designed with inclusivity in mind.

2: Support For Multiple Calls

If you're dealing with a high influx of patients, you need to have the functionality to support multiple calls at once. If you don't, then you might struggle to manage your waiting room when it starts to get busy. 

Thankfully, with the right calling system, you can be fully prepared if things get hectic. By spreading out calls across different screens, you can ensure they're always seen by the relevant people. This prevents confusion and minimises miscommunication, speeding up the calling process and reducing missed or delayed appointments.

3: Customisable Content 

The ability to tailor your digital displays and calling system to show custom content is an essential part of engaging patients. Waiting to see a GP can be a tense or tedious experience – sometimes both. You can use digital displays to engage and reassure them. With the right combination of content and information, you can make the wait much more comfortable.

Plus, better informing your patients will mean your receptionists will have fewer queries to handle, freeing up valuable time.

4: Call at a Click

Manual calling is a thing of the past. Your patient call system needs to give your staff the ability to call straight from their treatment rooms. It saves them precious minutes as they don't have to leave their desks every time they're ready to see their next patient. And it reduces wait times, as there's less delay between appointments. 

Your patient calling system should also let you access your content (such as appointment listings and campaigns) from anywhere, with your entire platform being accessible through the cloud. As clinical staff spend a lot of their time dealing with spontaneous challenges, the functionality to tweak and adjust on the move is vital. 

Simplify Your Patient Calling

You need a patient call system that does all of the above – Jayex's solution has all these features, plus everything else you need to deliver a patient-centric healthcare experience. From digital signage and calling to online appointment bookings and analytics – everything you need is at your fingertips. 

For more information and details on how to get started, contact us to book a demo and see how Jayex can help improve patient engagement in your practice.



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