5 Ways Jayex Campaign Can Boost Patient Engagement In Your Practice

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In modern healthcare, patient engagement is increasingly recognised as an essential consideration for those who want to deliver outstanding services. Studies show that when patients are well-informed and engaged in their health and well-being, they will actively develop habits that support their treatment. 

The argument that healthcare is more than just aiding, diagnosing and treating patients has risen to prominence in recent years. Patients are no longer passive recipients of care, and those who are actively engaged in their own health and treatment are found to have better health outcomes

Bridging the Gap 

When patients have a poor experience or struggle to understand the healthcare system they are in, they're more likely to become confused by, apathetic to, or less confident about managing their care. For example, if a patient doesn't feel they have the right information about managing their treatment or if they're not receiving enough support. 

The healthcare sector now acknowledges that patient engagement goes hand-in-hand with patient experience. Innovative new technology is helping healthcare providers and patients alike to gain greater control over treatment both in and outside the practice environment. This technology can bridge the gap between delivering great medical care and maintaining high levels of patient engagement and improves communication between practice and patient. 

Everything you need for better patient engagement in a single tool. To find out  more, check out Jayex Connect. 

Utilising Campaign Tools 

One of the ways practices can boost patient engagement is through healthcare campaign tools. Healthcare campaign tools are one component of wider patient engagement technologies, such as Jayex Connect, that are developed to encourage better experiences and streamline patient services. For example, check-in kiosks, patient-calling displays, online booking, and patient surveys.

Campaign tools are crucial, as they help encourage self-responsibility behaviours in patients and instil a greater awareness of practice and healthcare news. With a tool like Jayex Campaign, you can:

  • Automate SMS and email reminders to patients
  • Send healthcare campaigns direct to patient devices
  • Filter patients into targeted groups
  • Create custom SMS and email content
  • Provide statistics and reports on campaign outcomes e.g. open rates
  • Update your patients on practice news

5 Ways Campaign Tools Can Help Your Practice:

1. Improve Patient Attendance

Practices can improve the attendance of appointments by sending direct reminders to patients via SMS or email with campaign tools. This can be synced to patient information and appointment data, so reminders can be sent automatically.

For example, Yeovil Hospital NHS Foundation Trust reduced their missed appointment rate from 8.9% to 5.3% by automating SMS and email reminders a few days prior to patient visits, boosting efficiency in their patient management.

Direct reminders encourage patients to take more responsibility for their own healthcare. When patients feel their care is monitored and recorded, they’re more likely to be attentive to their bookings, appointments, or care plans. Considering 1 in 20 NHS GP appointments are missed annually, SMS and email reminders are a crucial tool for ensuring patients' care stays on track. 

2. Remove Burdens From Staff

Campaign tools can improve the patient flow through your practice by streamlining the way you manage your practice communications.

Campaign software automatically reminds patients to pick up prescriptions, reschedule appointments, or attend treatment. This removes the burden of minor administrative tasks from your staff and frees up their time to focus on more important aspects of your practice management, such as patient outreach and pastoral care. 

Additionally, cloud-based campaign tools are accessible from anywhere, so important SMS notifications or email communications can be sent or scheduled simply by logging into your portal.

3. Increase Patient Engagement

Campaign tools filter patients into targeted groups, allowing you to direct certain healthcare campaigns, notifications, or communications towards separate patient segments. For example, an automated email for patients who haven't had a health check in five years, or a healthcare campaign directed to patients who are over the age of 65.

Not all communications will be applicable to all your patients, so this ensures your patients receive personalised messaging that is relevant to them, increasing the chances they'll remain engaged with their health and your practice.

In order to engage patients more effectively, studies show that GPs need to 'reach out' to less accessible populations. By customising the messaging and notifications you send towards your less accessible groups, such as the elderly or non-native language speakers, you'll engage a larger percentage of patients. 

4. Communicate Practice News

An unexpected closure of your practice or a doctor off-sick can have a significant impact on waiting times and patient experience. Campaign tools enable you to instantly update your patients on practice news such as closures, rescheduling, campaigns, or events such as immunisation clinics. 

Furthermore, you can use campaign tools to create custom email or SMS templates for communication with patients. These templates can be scheduled for future dates, allowing your practice to create a bespoke calendar of campaigns. These can be automatically sent out at the relevant time, for example a flu jab campaign during flu season, or a hay fever campaign during the summer months. 

5. Better Understand Your Patients

Analytic and reporting functionality allows you to monitor open rates, email bounces, failed deliveries, and rejected addresses of your patient communications. Not only can you use analytics to assess the success of your messaging, but you can also visualise the outcomes of your campaign and optimise future communications.

Additionally, analytics can provide you with insight into the quality of your patient data, allowing you to make alterations to or remove inaccurate data. Reports are easy to export for reuse on third-party platforms, giving your practice the power to better understand your patients and create powerful healthcare campaigns. 

Reach Your Patients 

Jayex Campaign gives you the ability to connect with your patients – improving patient engagement with tangible effects such as better attendance and greater awareness of your healthcare campaigns.

It also enables you to modernise your patients' experience, catering to growing demand for the healthcare sector to embrace technology and create better forms of communication. 79% of people would find it helpful to receive an SMS from their healthcare provider, so campaign tools are an essential component towards increasing patient engagement. Learn more about how campaign tools are most effective as part of a complete patient engagement platform, here


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