Announcing Our New Patient Engagement Platform: Jayex Connect

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new cloud-based healthcare platform Jayex Connect: a digital toolkit designed to help you improve efficiency, save resources, and get more from your patient engagement efforts. 

What’s Changed?

For the first time, our healthcare solutions are consolidated into a single set of modules containing everything your healthcare organisation needs to modernise your approach to patient arrivals, patient engagement, appointment booking and patient calling. 

Also available as standalone modules, our new suite of healthcare tools contains:

Jayex Arrive

Our new patient arrivals module is the fruit of over a decade — and more than 2200 NHS projects — installing touchscreen self-check-in solutions across primary, community, and acute health services.

As the patient-check-in component of the platform, Jayex Arrive is designed to minimise the time your patients spend queuing and entering details, relieving the administrative burden on your staff and delivering a superior patient experience.

Deliver digital, accessible, and engaging patient services from one platform.  Discover Jayex Connect.

Jayex Campaign

Building on the success of our previous patient engagement tool Enlighten, Jayex Campaign was created with two purposes in mind: revitalising patient engagement and reducing the costs associated with it.

Acting as a conduit between healthcare organisations and their patients, our module enables you to enhance patient engagement through targeted SMS and email messaging — such as check-up reminders, healthcare awareness campaigns, and important practice information. 

What’s more, the module features comprehensive reporting functionality, giving users everything needed to accurately assess the impact of campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

Jayex Appointuit

With technology taken from Australia’s most popular medical appointment app, Jayex Appointuit is our new online appointment booking and patient management module for the platform.

The tool simplifies your organisation’s patient-doctor communication by providing a single point of contact for your patients to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, and communicate with their GP. This not only empowers your patients to be more proactive and better engage with their health, but it also helps minimise the time your staff spend tied up with administrative tasks such as patient appointment booking and registration.  

Jayex Display

Jayex Display is our patient calling and communication module, created to support our range of digital displays.

However, it’s so much than a run-of-the-mill digital signage solution. Jayex Display is completely customisable to your organisation, allowing you to display everything from news and weather RSS feeds to your own custom healthcare messaging and playlists in your waiting room — improving the patient experience at your practice as well as keeping patients informed on when they can expect to be seen.

Alongside this, the module dramatically cuts down the time it takes for staff to call patients forward. Jayex Display allows you to issue an appointment notification on the display straight from your desktop or browser, cutting out the need for practitioners to call patients manually.

Jayex Survey

Jayex Survey is the antidote to tired old paper questionnaires, giving you the ability to publish local or centrally designed and managed surveys to a range of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

The module features a tool for creating your own custom surveys using radio buttons, free-form text or drop-down menus — giving you everything you need to create the perfect survey for your target audience. In addition, an option to set an end-date is also available for questions connected to events or specific times of the year, making Jayex Survey an invaluable tool for gathering feedback on seasonal health campaigns.

Finally, Jayex Survey includes advanced analytics tools and reporting, allowing you to keep well ahead of patient trends and concerns without spending hours sifting through data.

The best way to learn more about how Jayex Connect can help you improve your patient engagement and do wonders for your patient satisfaction levels is to see it for yourself. Book a demo to get started. 


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