5 Ways Jayex Campaign Can Help Your Practice

In modern healthcare, patient engagement is increasingly recognised as an essential consideration for those who want to deliver outstanding services. Studies show that when patients are well-informed and engaged in their health and well-being, they will actively develop habits that support their treatment. 


How Can Digital Displays Improve Your Practice?

When your patients visit your practice, they'll be eager for assistance for their ailments or to receive updates on their care. For this reason, practices, hospitals, and clinics should strive to be welcoming environments, however, many are associated with dreary waiting rooms or tedious administration processes. 


Can Patient Engagement Technology Enable Educational Outcomes?

From their first interaction with your practice, patients should have the tools available to handle their healthcare with ease. Whether it’s the ability to book appointments online, or use a self-check-in kiosk – patient engagement technology empowers people to remove tedious administration processes from their healthcare experience.