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Our new ebook explores how patient experience can be improved and why this should be a primary goal for your GP surgery or hospital. With a focus on the role of technology, we consider how you can better serve patients in today's digital world. 

What is Patient Experience?

Patient experience is defined as all interactions a patient has with the healthcare system, ranging from communication with reception staff through to the care they receive from doctors and nurses.

This might sound like just another word for patient satisfaction, but they are actually two distinct practices. Patient experience focuses on whether the patient's care meets a set of pre-defined standards, making it universal and measurable. Patient satisfaction is based on the patient's own standards and opinion's which means two patients could receive the same treatment but come away with very different views on the standard of care.

Why is Patient Experience So Important?

Patient experience is a vital step on the path to establishing a patient-centric care model. By considering the various elements of patient experience, you can assess whether you are meeting the needs of your patients, which allows you to adjust how you provide care.

Good patient experience is inherently valuable to your patients and their loved ones. It also holds clinical and business benefits to your healthcare centre, which are discussed in detail in the ebook.

Discover what patient experience is, why it matters, and how to improve yours  in our eBook.

How Can Organisations Improve Patient Experience?

On the surface, patient experience can seem difficult to improve. It is a broad and multi-faceted issue that is unique to each practice or hospital. However, this ebook explores several proven methods which are open to any organisation looking to improve patient experience.

We review the role of technology in improving issues such as queue management, patient wayfinding, accessibility barriers and patient engagement. We also look at how you can transform the environment of your practice or hospital to improve patient experience. Finally, we explore the role your staff play in the patient's experience, outlining changes you can make to ensure employees provide a high level of service and care to every patient.

To learn how to improve patient experience in your practice and reap its many benefits, download the ebook now.

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