How Antimicrobial Screen Covers Make Your Patients Feel Safer

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Uncertainty defined 2020.

Across the country, people were uncertain if it was safe to travel, go out to the supermarket, or send the kids back to school. This uncertainty also made its way into the healthcare space, with many patients delaying treatments because of apprehensions around the safety of their local GP practice. 

Now, as things start opening up again, and many patients look to return to regular treatment schedules, it's up to healthcare providers to reassure patients that it's safe to return for in-person appointments. 

In this blog, we'll examine how you can make your patients feel safer while they're receiving in-person care, by using new antimicrobial screen covers to improve the patient check-in experience, build trust, and minimise the risk of infection.  

What is an Antimicrobial Screen Cover?

An antimicrobial screen cover is a transparent film that you can apply to any physical display, like a check-in kiosk or self-service touchscreen.

It creates a germ-free environment where bacteria and viruses can’t develop, giving screens an added layer of protection against all contaminants. The screen covers are robust and simple to install, offering invaluable protection to both patients and staff and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. 

These screen covers are expected to become more widespread in the upcoming months, as healthcare professionals look to ramp up their defences against COVID-19 and put patients at ease as they return to the practice. 

Here are three ways that these screen covers make your patients feel safer. 

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1.   Improve the Check-in Experience

Patient self-check-in screens are a great way to improve convenience, reduce queuing, and capture essential data fast. However, without proper protection, these screens can quickly become hotbeds for bacteria and germs.

By protecting these common touchpoints with an antimicrobial cover, you can eliminate all harmful organisms and ensure that your screens stay clean and virus-free at all times. 

But aside from offering an easy way to reduce the spread of disease, these screens provide your patients with peace of mind. So they can continue to make the most of digital technology without compromising on safety. 

2.   Meet New Hygiene Standards

We're slowly moving to a more hygiene-conscious world. The pandemic highlighted the importance of using hand sanitiser regularly, maintaining consistent cleaning schedules, and minimising contact with people who show symptoms of infectious illnesses.

While healthcare facilities should already be synonymous with good hygiene practices, it's important to continually revisit your cleaning routines, and ensure that you're doing everything you can to adhere to new, stricter government standards. 

Antimicrobial screen covers fit neatly into an updated cleaning regiment. They help patients feel more at ease returning to in-person appointments. Plus, as they can be applied in a matter of minutes, you get access to 24/7 protection with no hassle. 

3.   Create an Environment of Trust

Trust is at the core of the patient experience. If your patients don't trust that your practice is safe, they may miss appointments, defer treatments, or seek help elsewhere. 

Developing an environment that promotes trust is key to encouraging patients back once the pandemic begins to subside. You can do this by:

  • Remaining open in dialogue with patients
  • Taking the steps to implement new precautions
  • Reaching out to reassure patients

Bringing in new safety measures and actively informing your patients of their benefits is a great way to help them build confidence and address any concerns that they may have. 

Putting Patients' Minds at Ease

For many patients, it will take some time before they feel fully comfortable attending in-person appointment again. But, you can still help them build the trust they need to feel safe and secure whilst they're in your care. 

Innovations like antimicrobial screen covers help to safeguard your practice against health risks. And demonstrates to your patients that your practice is well-equipped to deal with future public health demands. 

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