How Does Patient Engagement Improve Patient Wellness?

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Patient engagement and patient wellness are two of the most critical developments in modern healthcare. They're defined differently, but they're not mutually exclusive – with patient engagement having a decisively positive effect on overall patient wellness. 

In recent years, patients have started to adopt a more holistic view of their health, with more and more patients taking an active role in personally monitoring their conditions. Advancements in patient engagement technology have supported this shift, empowering patients to use digital devices, online booking services, and health trackers. Contemporary research  suggests that well-informed and engaged patients take a hands-on approach in managing their health, which leads to higher wellness levels and increased patient satisfaction. 

A Digital Revolution

Healthcare is evolving. Mobile devices, digital signage, and online services have made modern tech the biggest driver of patient engagement in recent years. To get the best results, you need to fully involve patients every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare.

Thanks to new digital technology, medical practices have become more accessible to patients, both inside and away from the practice. They can tailor healthcare campaigns to specific demographics, and gather essential feedback for continuous improvement of their services. 

By engaging with patients you can:

  • Help them manage their conditions with more confidence
  • Make it easier for them to access their own information
  • Provide patients with higher rates of satisfaction with their own care
  • Boost active participation in preventative actions
  • Increase positive feedback on treatments

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Give Your Patients Better Access

This is a no-brainer. If your patients have better access to information, services, and treatments, then patient engagement is going to increase – and if you're engaging your patients, they'll react better to treatment plans. They'll then often look for ways to change their lifestyle around these treatments and improve their health as a result.

There are simple ways you can make healthcare easier to access for patients at home, such as giving them the option to view their health information online. Recent data has shown that 73% of healthcare consumers  access to their medical records through a website or mobile device. This is a big deal, as giving patients the freedom to independently obtain and understand their personal healthcare information improves patient wellness and prevents re-admissions.

You can also use modern technology to make healthcare more accessible inside the practice. For example, digital displays improve patient calling for people that are hard of hearing. Plus,  by adjusting the size, scale, and style of content you can also cater for those that are short-sighted. These changes are easy to implement, but can have a positive impact on patients and overall wellness.

Personalise Your Campaigns

Patients benefit from a personal, tailored approach to healthcare. By using targeted campaigns that cater to specific patient needs and conditions, you can improve patient wellness. This will not only minimise misinformation about certain illnesses, but will provide the long-term benefit of better educated patients. Plus, you'll establish your practice as the go-to source for all healthcare news and advice.  

You can accomplish this by using campaign software to provide your patients with a steady stream of important health information and updates on your clinic. You can also create your own personalised templates that cater to certain health trends, demographics, or illnesses.

Timing is key when it comes to engaging patients with your campaigns. Give yourself the best chance by staying on top of seasonal changes and deploying campaigns at peak times.

Stay Connected

There's no question that patient engagement has a positive impact on patient wellness. With Jayex Connect, improving engagement couldn't be easier. The intuitive all-in-one platform offers all of the tools you'll need to boost patient engagement and improve patient wellness at your practice. 

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