How To Deliver a Great Healthcare Campaign Without Breaking The Budget

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When patients are fully engaged with their personal health, they’re more likely to respond well to treatment and will actively seek out ways that supplement any existing recovery plans. But how can you facilitate this without breaking the bank?

Healthcare is evolving — it’s about so much more than just diagnosing and treating patients. With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to connect with patients outside the practice and keep them engaged with useful content, targeted campaigns, and important information.

It's no secret that to provide effective healthcare, patient engagement has to be a priority. But how can you deliver healthcare campaigns that boost engagement without breaking the bank?

Leverage Campaign Tools

The first step in any successful healthcare campaign is deciding what tools will be most effective for the job at hand. Whether it's a seasonal awareness campaign, appointment reminders, or a campaign that targets a specific demographic, you need to have the appropriate channels open to be able to start a dialogue with your patients. 

An effective tool, like Jayex Campaign — will allow you to streamline your campaign processes and make things easier for you and your clinical staff. 

Let's take a look at some of the communicative tasks you can carry out – and the subsequent money-saving benefits that you can harness – by fully-utilising patient engagement tools to deliver your campaigns.

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1. Automate SMS and email reminders

Automating your systems to sync patient information and send out appointment reminders via text and email can save your staff precious time. Plus, direct reminders to patients helps them feel more responsible for their own healthcare, which in turn improves attendance. Campaign software can also help remind patients to pick up prescriptions, reschedule appointments, and keep them notified of any updates to their condition. 

2. Send healthcare campaigns direct to patient devices 

More and more people want to view their healthcare results on the move. And with handheld technology quickly becoming the most popular method of viewing content, its essential that you make the most out of your digital campaigns — sending them directly to patients' mobile and tablet devices. An effective campaign tool can maximise engagement by filtering patients into specific groups, allowing you to command certain healthcare campaigns, notifications, or communications towards a particular demographic.

3. Keep patients updated on practice news

It's important to keep patients in-the-know about anything that may affect them, such as unexpected closures, upcoming events, and relevant news concerning your practice. Additionally, you can use your campaign tools to create customised templates to communicate with patients and maintain a dialogue with them outside of your practice. You can then use these templates to schedule tailored content plans for automatic delivery at a future date.

4. Provide statistics and reports on campaign outcomes

Analytics and reporting functionality allows you to monitor email open rates, bounces, and failed deliveries of your email or messaging communications. You can also use analytics to visualise the outcomes of your campaigns and use the data to optimise any future communications with patients. 

Plus, analytics can provide you with key insights into the quality of your patient data, allowing you to make adjustments or remove inaccurate data. Reports are streamlined, so it's easy to export them to third-party platforms. This helps you better understand your patients and create more effective healthcare campaigns going forward.

Engage With Your Patients

Effective campaign tools give you the ability to fully engage with your patients – which can provide benefits ranging from improved attendance, greater campaign reach, increased awareness, and a platform for consistently better communication. With Jayex Campaign you can achieve all of this and more, without breaking the bank. 

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