How to Futureproof Healthcare Waiting Rooms: COVID-19 and Beyond

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The recent global health crisis caused by COVID-19 has challenged healthcare providers to implement new measures to prevent its spread. However, these changes – from increased hygiene standards to new social distancing rules – have altered the methods that providers use to manage patient flow within their establishment.

Prepare your waiting room for the future with our latest free guide: 'How to  Futureproof Healthcare Waiting Rooms: Covid-19 and Beyond'


The Future of Healthcare Waiting Rooms

Previously, most patients were moved through a hospital or practice using a multi-patient waiting room. After check-in, it was not uncommon to sit in a room with multiple people before your appointment. Many healthcare providers also used this stage to monitor patient health and effective triage patients, especially in emergency situations.

However, with essential social distancing measures in place, concerns have grown that this is no longer feasible. And more so, even with the eventual easing of social distancing measures, patients and healthcare professionals may never feel comfortable going back to the typical waiting room structure from before.

Over the course of this pandemic, we as the general public, have become more attuned to our personal space, and have an increased sense of awareness and knowledge of infection spread. This has accelerated the need for new solutions to help navigate, aid, and streamline patients through the healthcare system.

Our latest guide reveals what healthcare practices should expect for the future of waiting rooms, and provides some helpful tips for managing yours.  

What You Will Learn:

  • The essential qualities of a waiting room
  • What is affecting waiting rooms today
  • How to manage patient flow in your practice
  • How to improve patient arrival, seating, and more
  • Methods to keep your patients informed
  • Digital solutions for patient engagement

Read How to Futureproof Healthcare Waiting Rooms now, or click the link below to download your copy. 

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