Patient Engagement Trends You Need To Know About For 2020

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Modern healthcare is shifting towards a more patient-centric system. Patients are no longer silent recipients of treatment. They're demanding engagement solutions that are not only coordinated and convenient but customised and accessible at all times. 

Technology will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in fulfilling the promise of patient engagement in 2020. But how? Let's find out.

Prioritising Investment in Healthcare Technology 

Many healthcare technologies – like mobile engagement tools, digital displays, and campaign software – are no longer unaffordable luxuries. The return on investment, coupled with the advantages of consistent patient engagement, has led many practices to prioritise this previously neglected area of healthcare. 

Many practices are using these new digital technologies and achieving great results. Tools like , self-check-in kiosks, and telehealth systems are making it easier for patients to manage their own healthcare.

Even older technology like SMS and have the potential to save thousands in lost revenue and reduce strain on staff. The significant long-term benefits to digital solutions are numerous and hard to ignore, especially as financial pressures continue. So, in 2020, it's likely we'll see more practices investing in this technology, allowing them to make patient engagement a priority for the future. 

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A Shift to Anywhere Care

Patient care is no longer confined exclusively to the hospital or practice. Although true remote care is still many years away, patients and practitioners have started to embrace the notion and are looking at ways to expand its scope. Through innovations like online platforms, resource centres, and digital communication options, it's easier than ever to connect with patients away from the practice. 

Healthcare organisations can work towards implementing 'anywhere care' by reconsidering their idea of the patient experience. With as many as stating that they can't easily reach their doctor’s office to ask questions, make appointments, or get results, accessibility should be a priority. You could, for example, diagnose minor issues online, make it easy to book appointments and access data through a dedicated portal, and use campaigns to educate patients and spread awareness. 

Going forward, we'll see an increase in the number of hospitals and practices growing their online presence and finding new ways to engage with patients digitally. 

Smart Technology

As technology advances, we'll see a shift from digital to smart technology. Of course, it'll all still be digital, but it will be reactive, more intelligent, and responsive in real-time. 

We expect technology to affect how we handle data. Smart technology will enable you to combine all patient data in one place, with data like medical history and financial details at your fingertips, you can make better decisions, improve health outcomes, and manage costs more effectively. 

We also expect to see advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive learning – helping to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients in the future. AI is already being utilised to detect certain diseases more accurately and in earlier stages of development.  According to the American Cancer Society, AI is enabling review and translation of mammograms 30 times faster with 99% accuracy, reducing the need for unnecessary surgery later down the line. 

Elsewhere, consumer wearables and other medical devices combined with AI are also helping patients to keep track of their health. The AI learns the user's health levels and alerts them if there are any significant changes, offering medical advice and referring them for treatment. 

Engage With Your Patients

With more and more healthcare organisations seeing the long-term value of patient engagement, 2020's the time to make it a priority at your practice. With Jayex Connect, engaging your patients is easy. It gives you all the tools, technology, and expertise you need to enhance patient engagement and deliver a tailored healthcare experience. 

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