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How Does Patient Engagement Improve Patient Wellness?

Patient engagement and patient wellness are two of the most critical developments in modern healthcare. They're defined differently, but they're not mutually exclusive – with patient engagement having a decisively positive effect on overall patient wellness. 

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How To Deliver a Great Healthcare Campaign Without Breaking The Budget

When patients are kept up-to-date and fully engaged with their personal health, they’re more likely to respond well to treatment and will actively seek out ways that supplement any existing recovery plans.

Healthcare is evolving — it’s about so much more than just diagnosing and treating patients. With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to connect with patients outside the practice and keep them engaged with useful content, targeted campaigns, and important information.

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4 Quick Ways To Improve Patient Waiting Room Experience

Hospital and GP waiting rooms often have the unfortunate reputation of being dull, crowded, and generally uninteresting environments. But it doesn’t have to be this way.