Why Demographic Data is Vital for Improving the Patient Experience

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Delivering a truly personalised patient experience matters now more than ever. That level of service and care can drastically improve a patient’s journey with their healthcare provider and secure better healthcare outcomes.

Demographic data is key to achieving this tailored experience. But why is the patient experience so important, and how do you effectively collect the demographic data you need to improve it?

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Patient Experience - Why is it so Important?

The patient experience is the amalgamation of every interaction a patient has with their healthcare provider. It’s an all-encompassing overview of their time as a patient, from booking appointments, to receiving treatment. 

Understanding and perfecting the patient experience is a major part of patient-centred care. The patient experience encompasses key aspects of the delivery of care that patients value highly, such as easily accessible and digestible information and good communication.

Being able to deliver a highly personalised, bespoke experience for a patient based on accurate demographic data is key to ensuring the best quality of care, both before and after any treatment.

What is Demographic Data and How is it Captured?

Demographic data is usually taken when patients arrive for an appointment or download a health application. When they input the data, it becomes part of their medical records.

Demographic data includes:

  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Sex
  • Contact information
  • Medical history
  • Employment

This data helps providers personalise patient interactions. If patients share enough of the right data, you can offer more effective treatment and a better overall patient experience. 

You can capture demographic data through a variety of avenues but defining the goal for data collection is always a good place to begin. Patients may be hesitant to provide their personal information, so building trust is paramount. Being transparent with patients about how their information will be used to their benefit is a smart approach.

Part of the patient experience is how easy and painless it is to provide data like this, so making that process as simple as possible for patients has numerous benefits.

The Benefits of Demographic Data for the Patient Experience

By understanding a patient’s demographic data, you get a better picture of who they are, and crucially, what their needs are. This allows you to tailor your care better and empower front line staff to communicate effectively with patients.

Deliver patient-centred care

Patient-centred care respects the values of the patient and considers their preferences and unique requirements. It needs to be highly personalised and culturally competent.

Understanding your patients better with demographic data means you can deliver care that's fair, equitable, and meets the individual needs of each person based on the information they’ve provided. 

manage patient flow

Hospital patient flow is an enduring challenge facing healthcare systems. Managing the movement of patients from entry to discharge is not only time-consuming, but if mismanaged, can have a negative effect throughout the entire system including delays in transferring patients to where they need to be.

With accurate demographic data, newly admitted patients can be easily transferred to the necessary unit thanks to quickly identifiable factors. Demographic data helps to reduce patient flow by ensuring all patient data is collected and then used to help sort patients by their need. This improves the patient experience, but also makes life much easier for the hospital staff too.

Collect Data with Jayex Arrive

Our self-check-in module, Jayex Arrive, has been designed with enhancing the patient experience in mind. It’s simple to use and captures patient demographics and trend data. The patient-friendly display for improved visibility is one of the many ways Jayex Arrive improves the overall journey for the patient.

Jayex Arrive helps you control and manage your arrivals. It streamlines the more laborious parts of a patient’s healthcare journey as the platform minimises the time patients spend queuing and entering their personal details.

You can ensure your patient records are up to date by collecting demographic data with Jayex Arrive. Data is collected effortlessly during patient check-in, and you can formulate custom questions through our survey module to collect information on specific demographics.

Providing a Better Experience

Access to the right demographic data is key to giving patients the best experience possible. It enables you to tailor their care and better manage their journey, while driving efficiencies in your practice.

Easy-to-use self-check-in technology helps make capturing this data friction-free, ensuring your records are always up to date - and your patients are satisfied. 

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