Why Invest in Digital Waiting Room Displays?

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When your patients visit your practice, they'll be eager for assistance for their ailments or to receive updates on their care. For this reason, practices, hospitals, and clinics should strive to be welcoming environments. However, many are associated with dreary atmospheres or tedious administration processes. 

In the modern healthcare sector, providers are now focusing their efforts on improving patient experience inside their practice by modernising processes and streamlining patient pathways.

In fact, many IT thought-leaders recognise that the healthcare sector is currently lagging behind in digital interactions in comparison to other industries, despite the fact patient expectations are increasingly moving towards greater digital engagement.

54% of consumers would like to interact with their healthcare provider via their smartphone, and 93% of younger healthcare consumers expect to use digital tools that facilitate patient-provider interactions  highlighting the urgency to engage patients through digital channels. 

Considering these expectations, how do practices meet the wants and needs of patients as digital consumers, and support the delivery of healthcare in preparation for a digital future?

Digital Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement platforms can enhance your ability to engage patients, improve patient experience, and create a linear pathway through your healthcare system.

If patients can book appointments online, sign-in on a digital touchscreen, view healthcare information on digital displays, and provide their feedback online – you'll remove the burden of tedious administration processes from your internal staff, and create new digital channels for your patients to interact with your practice. 

The Benefits of Digital Waiting Room Displays

Digital displays are one of the key components to creating a modern, digital healthcare environment. When placed in key areas of your practice, such as waiting rooms, hallways, or your welcome area, digital signage can both inform and stimulate your patients with important healthcare information.

As opposed to traditional printed signage, digital displays are easy to customise from one central cloud-based system, accessible from a simple desktop application. This enables your practice to easily create content playlists, integrate patient-calling, alter your signage, and display important practice news.

Here, we've highlighted the four core benefits of installing digital displays:

1. Improve Your Patient Calling System

One of the most transformative benefits of digital signage is its ability to improve patient-calling. Digital displays enable your staff to call patients to their next appointment straight from a desktop or browser, removing the need for reception staff or doctors to manually call patients in the waiting room. For healthcare practices looking to become more efficient, this eliminates the likelihood of human error and streamlines your patient pathways. 

Additionally, clear digital signage can display patient names and their practitioner – reducing patient confusion by clearly directing your patients to the correct next step. By removing monotonous manual processes from your administration staff and doctors, you can help save your practice valuable time while also reducing waiting times for your patients.

Discover how improving patient engagement can be hassle-free in our latest guide

2. Modernise Your Environment

Studies found that creating a modern healthcare environment can contribute to patient satisfaction. The ability to view informative content on a rolling playlist can greatly benefit patients  especially when they may be waiting for a long period of time. This may be why three out of four patients and caregivers found that digital signage enhanced their hospital experience, as they were able to easily view interesting healthcare news or tips. 

Additionally, digital signage can modernise practice safety. Hospitals can easily change their displays into digital wayfinding signage that, in an emergency, can send important messages or directions in real-time. For practices looking to modernise their processes, streamlining your procedures by using digital technology is a crucial first step towards creating a more efficient environment. 

3. Promote Your Healthcare Campaigns

Digital signage enables you to display your healthcare campaigns on fully customisable playlists, enabling you to easily alter what you show. This can be particularly useful for healthcare campaigns that rotate on a seasonal basis, such as flu immunisation clinics.

Moreover, over half of consumers (55%) remember what they see when information is communicated on a digital display – giving healthcare providers the confidence that important health messaging is impacting their patients. 74% of patients agree that greater access to healthcare information would encourage them to take a more active role in their wellbeing, so promoting healthcare campaigns should be a top priority – and digital displays enable this. 

4. Take Control of your Content 

Traditionally, healthcare providers have used printed posters, leaflets, or billboards to communicate their healthcare messaging, however, this practice is increasingly becoming outdated.

Printed signage is a hassle to change, leaflets can become damaged, and healthcare campaigns printed on posters can quickly become irrelevant. Likewise, if you need to change your displays in multiple locations, it can become hassle communicating changes to your staff who likely have more important tasks to deal with, or making changes throughout a large-scale hospital. 

With digital signage, you can customise your content from a simple desktop application, linked to a central cloud-based platform. This simplifies your signage and enables your practice to instantly update your displays at the click of a button. 

Want To Revive Your Waiting Room?

Creating a comfortable, modern, and welcoming environment can contribute to better improved patient experience, and increased patient satisfaction. Sitting in a practice waiting room doesn't need to be dull – discover how you can enhance your practice environment and digitalise your patient-practice interactions with Jayex Connect

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