Why Patient Engagement Tools Matter Now More Than Ever

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is putting increased pressure on healthcare services across the country. 

Many practices are limiting footfall, reducing certain services, and taking steps to minimise health risks to patients and staff.

In times like this, digital patient engagement tools are more important than ever.

Here are some of the key benefits of taking your patient services online. 

Less Admin for Practice Staff

Taking your GP services online will help alleviate some of the administrative headaches that come from organising, processing, and booking in patients during this abnormally busy period. With an appointment management platform your patients can order repeat prescriptions, book appointments, and access their digital patient files online.

This frees up your staff to focus on other areas of your practice and lets them dedicate more time to those that need it most. Plus, patients will benefit from more flexibility and convenience which will ultimately lead to higher satisfaction rates.

Everything you need for better patient engagement in a single tool. To find out  more, check out Jayex Connect. 

Better Access to Care Services

With many people across the country in isolation, it’s more important than ever for healthcare providers to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. By implementing online GP services, you can help improve access to care and make your services more conveniently available around the clock. 

One way some GP surgeries are achieving this is by offering patients video consultations with their doctors, who can diagnose illnesses, suggest treatments, and prescribe medication without requiring a physical visit to the practice. The patient can then access follow-up information from the  online engagement portal at the click of a button, and maintain a dialogue with their GP throughout the recovery process. 

Expanded Healthcare Knowledge for Patients

The spread of misinformation is especially prevalent during a crisis. With so much conflicting advice being shared over social media and the internet, it's important to maintain clear and consistent communication with your patients. This means providing them with accurate, trustworthy information, to keep them engaged and informed while they're away from the practice. 

By providing better access to relevant information via your online portal, you can empower patients and carers to take a more active role in their own healthcare. Displaying up-to-date medical advice, government guidance, and tailored content can go a long way in improving health literacy and help patients stay safe and healthy.

Take Your Practice Online

Digital technology can ease the pressure off your staff and help them cope with the growing demands they face on a daily basis. 

By encouraging patients to use digital services, you can make healthcare more accessible during this difficult time. And until normality is restored, you can continue focusing on providing great care to those who need it most, wherever they are. 



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