Why You Should Take Your Patient Satisfaction Surveys Online

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In recent years, we've seen more and more healthcare organisations, clinics, and practices undertaking regular surveys

It's no surprise. They're a window into the patient experience, revealing any issues that might not be immediately visible on the surface. 

Surveys are Essential for Ongoing Improvement

Think of surveys as targeted, internalised reviews.

They let you quickly identify what areas of your practice need work. For example, let's say that your practice is great at follow-up care, but patients aren't happy about waiting times. Surveys help you to discover this pain point quickly so that you can act on it. And because you don't have to publicise the results, you can address concerns and make improvements discreetly.

Online surveys make this process even easier. Patients can complete your surveys, questionnaires, and polls whenever it's convenient for them. And all data can be stored digitally for quick access and analysis.

Here's why you should consider taking your patient satisfaction surveys online. 

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Easy Access

Modern services are built on convenience. It's no longer sought after, it's expected. Likewise, when it comes to healthcare, patients expect a simple, stress-free experience. If they feel like it's taking up their time, they simply won't do it. 

When it comes to filling out surveys, patients want easy access. They want to be able to complete surveys on their mobile devices, wherever they are. Online surveys give your patients this freedom and let you publish surveys to a range of different platforms simultaneously. 

Plus, you can access the results from anywhere. This means you won't need to find, sort, and manage countless piles of traditional paper surveys. And you'll save a lot of time in the process.


Online surveys give you more scope for customisation than their paper counterparts. This lets you better tailor your surveys to suit your target audience or a specific demographic. From checkboxes and dropdowns to radio-buttons and freeform text, you can make your surveys look and feel how you want – to your exact specifications. 

Another benefit to online surveys is the ability to make tweaks and adjustments on the fly. Got a question that patients aren't responding to? Change it. Planning to renovate your waiting room? Ask your patients for their input.

Being receptive to patient needs and flexible in your approach to garnering feedback will ensure you get the most out of your surveys. This will give you valuable information to use for continuous improvement. 

Analytics and Reporting

Your surveys give you the feedback you need to improve your services going forward. But what's the point in having all this data if you can't analyse it effectively? Rather than sorting through your results manually, it's much more intuitive doing it online. 

By carrying out your surveys online using a web-based module, you'll have access to built-in analytics and reporting. This lets you monitor patient trends and combat any issues before they develop into significant problems.

A survey tool will also let you view your data in various forms, like pie charts, graphs, and tabular lists – so you've always got complete visibility of patient satisfaction across your practice. 

Take Your Surveys to the Next Level

With survey software such as Jayex Survey, you can gain a deeper understanding of patient satisfaction and the things you need to do to continuously improve your practice. 

Jayex Survey is just one module of Jayex Connect, our comprehensive patient engagement platform. It's a complete solution that helps you to deliver a better waiting room experience, streamline your bookings, and engage your patients. 

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