Why You Need to Invest in Digital Waiting Room Displays

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Hospital and GP waiting rooms are historically dull environments. Long queues, poor signposting, and unengaging surroundings can often leave patients frustrated long before they step foot in the doctor's office. 

Digital displays have the potential to change that.

Why Invest In Digital Displays?

Digital waiting room displays and signage have played an integral role in modernising the healthcare experience. They can help boost patient satisfaction, make information easier to view and engage with, and keep patients entertained while they wait for their appointment. 

If you haven't upgraded yet, here's why it's worth investing in digital displays for your waiting room.

Easy Check-in

If you deal with a high volume of patients, managing check-ins can quickly become overwhelming, especially if lots of people need to check in at once. With digital displays, you can alleviate some of the headaches associated with a busy clinic, by streamlining your arrivals

With digital two-step check-in, patients get settled into your waiting room faster. It's as simple as a few taps of a screen, meaning its accessible and easy-to-use for all visitors. 

As digital solutions collect demographic data immediately at check-in, you can rest easy knowing patient records are always kept up-to-date. 

Everything you need for better patient engagement in a single tool. To find out  more, check out Jayex Connect. 

Improved Patient-Calling

Ineffective patient-calling is an ongoing burden within healthcare. A few inaudible or missed patient calls and you can quickly fall behind on schedule. This can be a major issue if you have multiple calls taking place simultaneously.

Digital displays eliminate this problem by displaying calls in different windows or across devices. By spreading out calls across separate screens, you can maximise their exposure and avoid delays. 

Plus, staff will be able to call patients at a click, directly from their desktop or browser. This removes the need for them to leave their desks or call patients manually, saving precious time and resources. It's a much more effective method of patient-calling too, as digital screens have higher visibility and exposure than calling via traditional methods. 

keeps Your Patients Entertained

Digital signage is great at keeping patients entertained while they wait. Displaying RSS feeds, socials, weather, and news can prove much more engaging for patients than the clutter of leaflets and outdated magazines you'd usually see in a waiting room.

You can also play videos, display tailored messages, and manage your own customised playlists. So you can really personalise the experience for your patients. 

By using digital displays, your waiting room can become an engaging space that helps the wait fly by.

Keeps Patients Educated 

Digital displays also give you the opportunity to educate and inform your patients. Through digital signage, you can share general health advice, guidance on specific conditions, and anything else relevant to their appointment. This better prepares patients for the doctor's office and helps them learn more about their condition, causes, and possible treatment options. 

Plus, you can display up-to-date information boards with appointment times, staff availability, and much more. 

See What Digital Displays Can Do For You

Digital displays are a great first step in transforming your practice. If you want to take it a step further, Jayex Connect offers the first consolidated platform for all your patient engagement needs. 

For more information, contact us to book a demo and see how it's done.


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