About Jayex

We’ve come a long way since introducing LED displays to the UK market back in 1978. Since then, we’ve continued our commitment to innovation by creating and installing visual communication solutions across almost every UK market and expanding into Australia.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve focused on healthcare, creating several iconic products and acquired Australia’s number one appointment booking app along the way.

The result of our experience is Jayex Connect: the first all-in-one patient engagement platform.

6,500 +

Healthcare sites and rising use Jayex solutions.


Trusted Throughout the Healthcare Sector

Few companies have our domain knowledge. Since concentrating our efforts on the healthcare sector, we’ve installed our platform at over 6,500 sites.

We’ve become an industry leader, helping thousands of healthcare organisations­ – large and small – improve patient engagement, reduce the pressure on their staff and modernise the patient experience.

How We Can Help

Whether you’re a local GP surgery or a super-hospital caring for thousands of patients, Jayex Connect can help with all your patient-facing needs.

Our platform has a module for every aspect of your patient engagement, including online appointment booking, SMS and email campaign management, patient check-in, surveys and patient calling.