Jayex Antimicrobial Screen Covers

Powerful Protection for Your Patients and Staff

Keep your touchscreens safe with a screen protection film that drastically reduces germ growth.



Key Features

Antimicrobial properties
Group 18
Heat and solvent resistant
Group 12
Reduces germs by 99%
Group 19
Easy to clean
Group 14
Simple to apply and remove
Group 20
Supports over 12,000 devices
Group 15 (1)
Excellent light transmission
Group 21
Matte finish
Group 16
Low haze
Group 22
UVB light filter


Screen Protection That Kills Germs and Reduces Risk of Exposure

Jayex Triple A is an antimicrobial screen protector that helps you prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your practice. It’s specifically designed to kill germs that breed on touchscreens used by multiple people in busy areas.

Laboratory tests have shown that the screen’s antimicrobial coating reduces germs by 99% over 24 hours. This powerful protection creates a safer practice for your patients and staff, so they can continue using touchscreen devices with peace of mind.




Eliminate Glare, Scratches, and Fingerprints

Today’s touchscreens with glossy LCD, LED, or plasma displays can be difficult to see. They aren’t manufactured with the anti-glare properties that prevent screen glare from windows or overhead lights.

The Jayex Triple A screen protector ensures your displays are always crystal clear in any environment. The film has been created with a matte finish that reduces glare, resists scratches, and hides fingerprints. It also prevents 99% of UVB light from reaching the screen or reflecting into your eyes.


Easy to Clean

Clean with solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol, or any other disinfectants

Antimicrobial properties will not diminish

Bubbles can be pushed out easily with the press of a finger

Robust and Simple to Install

The screen is easy to apply and remove

Silicone rubber surface ensures air doesn’t get trapped

Resistant to heat and solvents

Flexible and Scalable

Works with any device with an LCD, LED, or plasma display up to 80-inch diagonal

Supports over 12,000 different devices, including televisions, tablets, and handheld devices

Can be cut to fit your device at no extra cost

Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 With Antimicrobial Screen Protection

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