5 Ways to Digitally Transform Your Practice (With Minimum Disruption)

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It's no surprise that when patient engagement is high, it leads to better outcomes and care experiences — and patients will actively seek out ways they can personally improve their health. By updating your practice with the appropriate technologies, you can ensure that you have everything you need to provide great service and keep patient satisfaction high.

Below are 5 ways you can digitally transform your GP surgery with minimal disruptions.

Revitalise Your Waiting Room

Often, visitors to your practice will expect treatment as soon as possible or will be anxiously anticipating updates and results on their condition. As healthcare institutions deal with issues of a delicate nature, you should ensure that your hospital, surgery or practices are welcoming environments for patients. Implementing digital signage can help patients feel more engaged, informed, and at ease — ensuring they remain satisfied whilst they wait for their appointment.

Integrating digital displays as part of your improvement plan is an essential step in creating a healthcare facility that treats patient satisfaction as a priority. When situated in crucial areas of your practice —such as the lobby, waiting areas, or hallways — digital signage can be used to promote your content to patients, keep them up-to-date and informed with the latest information, and ensure patient calling is handled as efficiently as possible.

Unlike older, more traditional signage, digital displays can be fully customised from a singular cloud-based system, which is accessible from a simple desktop application. Integrated check-in software like Jayex Display enables you to control as many screens as you like from a single centralised dashboard. You can also create tailor-made rules, messages, and information to be displayed individually or simultaneously — helping you to take control of your content.

Simplify Your Arrival

One of the most important factors contributing to patient satisfaction is accessibility. If the process from arrival to check-in to appointment is inefficient, it not only causes delays and lengthy queues but can also lead to disgruntled and agitated patients, which can have a detrimental effect on the day-to-day running of your practice.

A simple digital self-check in module such as Jayex Arrive, can help minimise the time spent checking in and entering details — speeding up arrivals and keeping patients happy. This also reduces the pressure on staff, who will no longer have to manually sign in patients — allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks, such as patient outreach. The module can also be adapted to suit the individual needs of your practice, with custom rules and parameters being easily changeable from an intuitive hub dashboard.

To help keep records up to date, the module has the capability to collect patient data at check-in and can be tailored to ask specific questions based on your preferences — which can be useful if you want information on a particular condition or demographic.

See 9 ways new technology can transform the patient experience in our  infographic.

Modernise Your Booking Process

Technology has modernised the way that patient-doctor communication takes place. Allowing patients to book appointments online through a widget on your website or dedicated app, is much more streamlined and intuitive than traditional methods – and offers flexibility that fits around patients’ busy lives.

Opening new digital channels, offering 24/7 online booking, the ability to request repeat prescriptions, and communicate directly with their doctor, encourages patients to use your online portal, whilst reducing the burden on admin staff to register and arrange appointments.

Modern software such as Jayex Appointuit also gives you complete control over appointment management, through detailed analytics and reporting – letting you gauge how your patients are using the service so you can adjust your online experience accordingly. This ensures you're operating as efficiently as possible and providing a positive patient experience.

Boost Patient Communication

Patient engagement is an integral part of running any healthcare facility, as patients who take a pronounced interest in their personal health are more likely to experience positive results. Therefore, it's important to consider how functional your communication channels are, and whether your healthcare campaigns are having the desired impact.

Updating your systems to handle outward correspondence digitally, will allow you to reach more patients and communicate more effectively. SMS and email notifications allow you to remind patients of upcoming commitments, closures or practice news. This helps to minimise no-shows and saves clinical staff valuable time and money, allowing resources to be better allocated elsewhere. You can also target specific groups using existing templates or personalise your own.

It's vital to have an effective visualising tool to establish the results, identify if there were any failed deliveries, and quantify how many users actually opened your content. Jayex Campaign lets you access results from anywhere with an internet connection, and provides many analytical options to help you better target campaigns — and improve your reach.

Gain Greater Insight

There's no one more essential in your journey towards future growth and improvement than your patients — so listen to them. Patient surveys give you key insights into what you're doing right and where you need to improve. With an effective digital survey solution, you can gather the relevant information you need to push forward with new campaigns, plans, and future projects.

Creating custom surveys can help you stay one step ahead — predicting patient satisfaction trends before they occur — so you can adjust accordingly. Whether it's check-boxes, radio buttons or drop-down menus, you should be able to tailor your surveys to suit the needs of your preferred target audience.

Jayex Survey lets you publish local or centrally designed surveys to a variety of different platforms, including tablets and smartphones, with easily integrated email and scheduling options. You can also manage your surveys from anywhere, simply login to the platform using any browser.

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