Creating a Safer Environment for Medical Care during Covid-19

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As a leading operator in the healthcare sector since 1978, we have witnessed a declining number of GP visits each year. Now, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people seeking medical advice has decreased dramatically. It is essential that Australians who need medical support, still receive the care they require as a large proportion of GP services require face to face treatment.

With our extensive experience in delivering patient management systems, the Jayex Connect platform is here to help and guide Australian health practitioners in “the new normal” for patient care during COVID-19. Notably, our technology supports a “contactless experience” and the provision of timely information. Jayex products should give Australians confidence that they can receive medical support in a safer environment, in the COVID-19 world.

The rise of the "contactless" experiences

As it often happens with major catastrophic events, many societal practices change irreversibly. Understandably, the pandemic has made us all afraid to touch any surface exposed to the public. Nowhere is this fear more prominent than in a healthcare clinic setting.

Jayex Arrive, our self-check-in module, enables easy and efficient check-in from a touch screen kiosk, helping to reduce queues and support social distancing behaviour and reduces the need for face to face exposure.  As an additional protective measure during the pandemic, Jayex now supplies Anti-microbial screen covers for our touchscreen kiosk to protect patients and staff against harmful bacteria.

In addition to the physical benefits, the administrative capabilities  have been very well received by healthcare providers/customers and patients under the current COVID-19 constraints. For example, the kiosk can ask if a patient has travelled overseas in the last 14 days and this data is automatically updated in their records if required.

Integrating digital displays is an essential step in creating a healthcare facility that treats patient satisfaction as a priority. When situated in crucial areas of your practice —such as the lobby, waiting areas, or hallways — Jayex Display can be used to promote your content to patients, keep them informed with the latest COVID-19 information, and ensure patient calling is handled as efficiently as possible.

Communicating timely information

The need for timely medical communication has never been more important than during this pandemic, where the patient care journey quite often needs to occur outside the walls of your clinic. With the rise of digital marketing, it is easier than ever to send information, spread knowledge and engage patients wherever they are. Using digital patient engagement tools, you can send texts and emails about the latest COVID-19 news and preventive health information. 

Our patient engagement module Jayex Campaign makes creating and sharing targeted healthcare campaigns simple. Our platform enables you to filter your patient data into targeted segments, enabling your practice to send healthcare campaigns to specific groups. For example, by age group, gender, or health concern. This provides an opportunity to educate your patients with relevant and personal health campaigns – empowering them with knowledge during these uncertain times and giving them greater autonomy over their care.

In addition, increased online patient involvement can result in a 90% overall satisfaction rate for patients and significantly reduces the number of re-admissions.

Digital Technology is Here to Stay

With the introduction of telehealth services nationwide on 30 March by the federal government in response to COVID-19, there is no doubt shifting these areas of care to virtual services has had a short-term benefit during the pandemic.

Additionally, there is potential to improve access to care, patient experience, health outcomes and healthcare-spending efficiency for the long-term. With the growing demand for digital tools reaching an all-time high, it is crucial that practices consider remote technology as a means to maintain consistent patient engagement for the foreseeable future.

To meet the increasing demand for telehealth and remote patient management options, we are also working towards integrating well-established telehealth Lifespot Health’s BodyTel capability into the Jayex Connect platform.

This will allow GP’s and patients access to monitor and manage chronic diseases remotely. By adding this capability to our platform, we will have one of the most comprehensive patient management systems available to GPs and respond to the increasing demand for telehealth.

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