Data Privacy a Growing Concern for Healthcare Technology Systems

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The term “Healthcare Technology” is a broad term that can include anything from user-friendly apps and widgets to more complex management systems that healthcare providers and bioinformatics specialists use. Patients’ health information in the hands of healthcare providers is usually protected by law, but what about other information?


As individuals we need to be aware of how easy it is for our medical data to make its way into the open waters of cyberspace as we move into a world driven by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Wearable technology like Fitbits, and work-out Apps like Strava can monitor a user’s heart rate, sleep habits, blood pressure, diet, weight, and allow data to be posted across online platforms. Gyms can keep records of how often members work-out, health food companies can track individuals’ purchases. Loss of control over personal health data is a growing concern in Australia and the ABS warned early this year, that Healthcare data is a growing target for cybersecurity breaches.

Can data availability be beneficial at times?

The availability of such large amounts of health data is not always a bad thing. Medical researchers and public health professionals use this data to address issues of public health. E-Health records and data analytics provide practitioners with access to a wealth of public health information to provide better treatment. Many in the healthcare industry argue that more pressing than data confidentiality is data access and data integrity. Providing quality patient care is crucial for practices to maintain a competitive edge in a saturated market. This quality care relies on access to data, and lack of data access could disrupt the running of a healthcare service or worse, result in loss of life. The key for Healthcare providers is finding a balance between access and integrity of patient data and upholding data privacy.

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At Jayex, Data Security is our Priority

At Jayex, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of Customer Data. Our wide range of patient management technology services healthcare providers across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The Appointuit Online Bookings System and Jayex self-check-in Kiosks collect a variety of demographic personal information from patients at various points during the process of healthcare delivery. At no point of the patient management process do we have access to or record health related or sensitive Patient information nor is any information disclosed or sold to third-party companies. 


"Due to technological advances over recent years, healthcare companies and organisations are gaining more data about their clients and patients. Here at Jayex, data security and privacy is, and will always remain, a top priority for the company. We maintain a set of principles that we adhere to, which ensure that data is accurate, safe, secure and lawful." - Nick Fernando - CEO, Jayex Technology.

Our well-reviewed privacy policies provide detailed privacy information to all providers and patients. The demographic information collected is only used for the purpose of linking our system with your medical practice the use of our system is completely voluntary. The information you provide us is only used:

  • to provide you with the services, products or information you have requested from our website or App;
  • to create an account for you if you have registered with us;
  • for administration and support purposes;
  • to inform you of updates to the software;
  • to evaluate and improve our service to you;
  • to contact you when required;
  • to compile anonymous statistical demographic information on the use of our system

We do not send unsolicited e-mail messages; however, your health provider may use the email address to contact you about pro-active health information and messages in relation to their services. You can unsubscribe at any time from receiving e-mail messages by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the e-mail message. You can unsubscribe to receiving SMS messages by contacting your health provider directly. You can delete the App at any time from your mobile device. Read more on Appointuit’s Privacy Policy.

The challenge for data security in Healthcare

Patient data is valuable to a range of players including Marketing companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance agencies, law firms and more. When patient data is misused it can have major ramifications such as identity theft, prescription misuse, and even extortion. Financial data misuse can lead to fraudulent and unauthorised transactions. As such, data integrity and confidentiality are a crucial part of our Healthcare Systems. 

As a consumer, you can protect your data by implementing security settings on your health devices and cyber networks. Take a close look at any health-related contracts before signing them and make sure they safeguard your personal information. Data Privacy and Healthcare Technology have a complex relationship and consumers and professionals can both share responsibility to maintain the balance between beneficial sharing and data privacy.

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