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Our brand new ebook explores the origins of patient engagement, the clinical and business case for improving it, and how to go about boosting it within your healthcare organisation. With a focus on technology, we look at how empowering your patients to take a more hands-on role in their own treatment can deliver a wealth of benefits for them, your organisation, and wider society.

What is Patient Engagement?

If you’ve been paying attention to the healthcare zeitgeist in recent years, chances are you’ve heard the phrase "patient engagement". From Brisbane to Baltimore, boosting patient engagement has become a primary goal for healthcare providers all very wellbut what is it?

We trace patient engagement from its roots in a 1974 academic paper through to its modern application in everything from patient portals to wearable tech.

Download our free ebook to learn how improving patient engagement could result  in better healthcare and business outcomes

Why is Patient Engagement Important?

In the ebook, we take a detailed look at the benefits of improving patient engagement—splitting the advantages into two sub-categories: clinical and business.

The Clinical Case

It’s now well established that better engagement within healthcare can translate into positive healthcare outcomes for patients. In fact, some have even described patient engagement as “the blockbuster drug of the century”. We run through some of these positive outcomes and demonstrate how better engagement with healthcare can improve the health of individual patients and public health in general.

The Business Case

Much like their US counterparts, Australians are more than patients; they’re also consumers, which means your organisation must vie with other healthcare providers for their registration and treatment. We analyse how improving patient engagement can make real business sense and offer an opportunity to steal a march on your competitors.

How Can Organisations Improve Patient Engagement?

Because patient engagement is such a broad concept, your healthcare organisation can pick from a wealth of viable options to boost it. From wearable tech and healthcare apps, through to digital media and smart surveys, we investigate a few of the most commonly used tools for boosting patient engagement.

We also review the role of technology in patient engagement and its vital importance to the healthcare industry of today and tomorrow.

To learn how to improve patient engagement within your healthcare organisation and begin unlocking its vast potential, download the ebook now.

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