New Infographic: How Digitalisation Improves Patient Experience

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From mobile health apps to online bookings and out-of-hours virtual care – digitalisation has worked wonders in improving patient experience.

What is Digitalisation in Healthcare?

Digitalisation of the healthcare industry is all about utilising cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of medical prevention and treatment for patients and processes easier for healthcare providers. Digitisation allows for improved, more streamlined data quality which can help drive better care, outcomes and efficiencies.

Advancements in digital technology have already transformed many areas of our lives for the better — and are swiftly reshaping the way healthcare works too. Patient files can be automatically updated and stored online. Digital signage provides a constant stream of information and greatly improves the patient-calling experience.

The public can stay better informed of preventative health measures, book appointments, and even interact with doctors from the comfort of their own home.

Digitalisation in Primary Care

With apps like Healthdirect, we can check our symptoms, find a health service, view our health records, immunisations, pathology reports and Medicare items. This allows us to engage with our healthcare without even stepping into our GP surgery.

When we do step into the practice however, digitisation can further streamline the process. Patients are now able to use self service check-in machines to check-in for their appointment, update their contact details and even complete patient surveys in an efficient manner. This all provides the patient with a sense of agency and has a huge time saving component as staff capacity can be used elsewhere.

Key Statistics on How Digitisation Improves Patient Experience

Our newest infographic gives you all of the information and key statistics you’ll need to understand why digitalisation is essential for improving patient experience.

Did you know, for example, that patients are much more likely to respond well to treatment if they have direct, digital access to their own health records?


Click below to see the complete infographic for yourself, and contact us to learn how digitalising your practice doesn't have to be difficult.

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