Can Patient Engagement Technology Enable Educational Outcomes?

From their first interaction with your practice, patients should have the tools available to handle their healthcare with ease. Whether it’s the ability to book appointments online, or use a self-check-in kiosk – patient engagement technology empowers people to remove tedious administration processes from their healthcare experience. 

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5 Things Set to Shape Patient Engagement in 2019 and Beyond

Early January is generally the time when healthcare providers begin to take stock of the year passed and look ahead to the future. For organisations seeking to provide value-based care, this often means assessing the year’s patient engagement efforts – not only what worked well, but also opportunities for improvement and escalation in the year ahead.

To help with inspiration for the latter, here’s our list of the top trends likely to dominate patient engagement in 2019 and beyond.

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What Is Patient Voice and Why Does it Matter?

Increasingly, the concept of patient voice is becoming a focal point of discussion in the wider healthcare community. But what is patient voice, exactly? And what role does it play in patient engagement?