The importance of Patient Communication in a Covid World

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During these unprecedented times of disconnect, social distancing, and isolation, it has never been more important to remain connected online. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technology for healthcare providers. Many organisations have quickly transformed everyday operations to navigate the crisis while adopting and deploying new technologies to manage their unique logistical challenges.

As patients have settled into the new norm of telehealth appointments and fewer appearances at the doctor due to lockdowns and COVID regulations, it has been essential that Jayex offers our practices a platform that allows them to easily connect with patients.

Managing Patient Communications

There are a variety of ways practices can educate, inform and notify patients. Either through SMS, e-mail, a healthcare portal, in-person or a phone call. However, It is evident that although patients like to remain informed and educated, they do not wish to be spammed unnecessarily. Communicating and engaging with patients via clinical reminders, preventative health campaigns or practice newsletters is the perfect way to appropriately improve patient engagement and communication.

Email and SMS communication methods have proved to be useful throughout the COVID vaccination roll-out. The Jayex Engage platform is used by our practices to send out bulk messages to patients or to only a select few of patients using filters.

During the early stages of the vaccination roll-out, patients were able to send a targeted email campaign to those eligible at certain times urging them to book their vaccination appointment with the practice. Thus, while varying Australian states were in lockdown and patients were unable to visit the practice in-person, the practice could remain connected with their patients.

A practice to heavily rely upon our Engage platform during the first stage of the vaccination roll-out, said that while the city was in lockdown and little patients were visiting the practice in-person, they were able to effectively communicate whilst maintaining their patient engagement.

Targeted Healthcare Campaigns can improve patient engagement

Using a targeted vaccination email campaign, the practice sent out emails to those who were eligible, which in-turn led to easily managed vaccination appointment bookings.

Jayex Engage allowed for an effective way of communication between patient and practice that was still informative, educational and not spammy. Campaigns provide the latest government information on Covid restrictions, vaccination information, resources for living in lockdown, and other preventative health information. Jayex Engage also provides access to a variety of other templates that are completely customisable. These include preventative health awareness like Dry July, October Breast Cancer awareness month, Movember health awareness and more!

Practices were also able to communicate important practice information like welcoming new doctors, COVID rules & regulations and health alerts. Throughout the pandemic, practices were able to educate and inform their patients by sending direct healthcare messages straight to the patients mobile or laptop. Moreover, practices could prevent information overload by tailoring their message content to suit specific needs and targeting a specific group of patients.

Jayex provided an ideal way to reach any or all of their patients through preventative and educational health campaigns encouraging patients to engage and book appointments.

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