What Digital Transformation Means for your Healthcare Campaigns

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Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in healthcare today, and it’s changing how healthcare providers deliver campaigns. How can you use it to increase patient engagement?

A Brave New Digital World for Healthcare

Today’s patients are more tech-savvy than ever. In fact, three-quarters of adult Australians are confident with new technology and 74% would email their doctor if it saved them time. Self-serve online health services and wearable devices like fitness trackers are also allowing them to get more hands-on with managing their health.

This is the new normal – and increasingly, patients expect all their healthcare services to be digital in some shape or form. So, if you want to drive patient engagement, pamphlets and posters aren’t going to cut it anymore.

But digital transformation isn’t just a new trend to keep up with. It’s a huge opportunity to get your campaign messaging seen by more patients. Here’s how.  

Give Patient Engagement a Digital Shot in the Arm

When 85% of patients own a smartphone, why not deliver your messaging straight to their devices? Using digital patient engagement tools, you can send texts and emails about the latest news, healthcare initiatives, and preventive health information.  

These tools don’t just send messages – they also give you a clearer picture of how your campaign is doing. Detailed reports show you how many people have opened your messages, and where they’ve failed to send or gone to the wrong address. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, so you can tweak and improve your campaign as you go.   

Then there’s automation and cloud technology, which make campaigns much easier to manage. With scheduling tools, you can set messages to send automatically so they reach patients at the right time. And thanks to the cloud, you can manage your campaign from the office, at home, or on the go.   

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Engage While You Wait

Digital displays are another great example of how you can engage patients with new tech. Set them up in waiting rooms – then you can pro-actively broadcast campaign messaging and videos to patients waiting for appointments. This is much more likely to get their attention than a stack of brochures sitting on a table at the other end of the room. It’s also an excellent way to educate patients about healthcare issues, such as healthy eating and managing hygiene, as they wait.  

Another bonus of using digital displays is customisation. You can easily change them to show the most up-to-date information, or messaging that’s directly relevant to a specific community.

Speak Your Patient’s Language  

If you want your messaging to reach as many patients as possible, you’ve got to make it accessible for a broad range of cultures. But when Australia speaks over 300 languages, that’s easier said than done.    

Luckily, digital technology can help with this too. Using translation tools, you can make your messaging clear to lots of different demographics and communities.  

Of course, accessibility isn’t just about language. What about patients with visual and hearing impairments? This is where audible alerts, dynamic speech programmes, and clear digital displays can help you ensure your messaging still gets through to them loud and clear.  


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a plethora of digital tech at your disposal, from healthcare apps to smart surveys. Find out how you can use them to improve patient engagement in our ebook.

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