Why Healthcare Providers are turning to cloud-based SaaS platforms

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The advent of cloud-based technology has been a step-change for healthcare providers to harness the cost and agility benefits of cloud, which ultimately creates better outcomes for patients.

The problem with fragmented technology

Traditionally, technology in the healthcare sector has been highly fragmented across the industry. The majority of healthcare organisations have historically hosted their applications and data on-premises, with in-house IT departments managing a combination of outdated legacy systems. These on-premises solutions usually require significant capital investment and can be a huge liability when it comes to security and connectivity.

SaaS as a solution

To remove the software burden and allow for quality patient care, healthcare providers are shifting from on-premise infrastructure to Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

The basic difference between an on-premise system and SaaS is that on-premise solutions are installed locally on a company's hardware and servers and then managed by their IT team. Meanwhile, a cloud solution is provided to you as a service, inherently reducing the total cost of ownership of your software infrastructure.[1]

At Jayex, we’ve been innovating visual communications solutions for 40+ years. In fact, we pioneered the introduction of LED displays in the UK healthcare sector. Our vision was to leverage our decades of healthcare experience and our technical know-how to support the shifting needs of the healthcare sector.

The Jayex transition to SaaS

This decision paved way for a major transition for the business from on-premises, perpetual license software to cloud-delivered SaaS. This transition enabled the development of the Jayex Connect Platform, providing all the tools for our customers in a single, integrated easy-to-use dashboard environment. From SMS campaign management to online appointment booking to patient self-check-in and customisable surveys, everything needed is accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard.

The migration to the SaaS-oriented business model was a transformational change which would inherently influence the DNA of our business.

The mechanics of any shift can be difficult; new technology, sales restructuring and operational requirements. We also understood personnel are one of the most critical factors of successful business model transformations and moved the location of our business operations to attract certain skillsets.

Firms such as ours who make the shift to a SaaS model, need to be open to complete re-invention. Not only did we experience significant operational and technical changes to the business, the way we think as an organisation shifted too.

Improved patient experience and workflow 

At the heart of all the change? Our customers - to help our healthcare service providers increase productivity and efficiency. Our evolution to a SaaS platform aims to improve patient engagement, reduce pressure on staff and modernises the patient experience.

As such, it was important for us to consistently engage with our healthcare service providers throughout this transformation and listen closely to any concerns. In addition, we have maintained our existing products to give our customers a range of options.

Jayex’s vision is to be the undisputed leader in improving patient health outcomes in the markets that we operate in by utilising cloud-based technologies, AI, IoT, Big Data, and Data Analysis. We will do this by driving continuous improvements for our customers, through innovation, integrity, customer satisfaction and teamwork.

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