Saving Time and Administrative Costs Across Gloucestershire Hospitals

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The NHS Foundation Trust

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is responsible for the two largest hospitals in the county, Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals, as well as Stroud Maternity Unit. These hospitals provide emergency care, specialist inpatient care and outpatient appointments to urban and rural communities within Gloucestershire and further afield.

Gloucester and Cheltenham approached Jayex for technology to augment their legacy digital signage system. As part of a Trust-wide drive towards improving patient experience and upgrading technology, G & C was looking for a solution to deliver efficiency and time savings for staff, along with an improved check-in process for patients.

The Challenge

  • Improve the patient experience
  • Achieve efficiency savings across the Trust
  • Deliver a solution that meets the needs of the hospitals and the population of Gloucestershire for years to come
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Reduce queues and congestion at the two hospital sites
  • Free up administrative staff time for other tasks
  • Roll out the solution as quickly as possible

The Solution

We installed our flagship patient self-check-in solution, Enlighten, to work in conjunction with the Trust’s existing Jayex digital signage. 

Self-check-in provides patients with easy-to-use touch screens, shorter queues, and improved privacy. Using self-check-in makes patient authentication as simple as confirming date of birth, unique reference number or barcode on our touch screens. This not only dramatically cuts waiting room queues but also saves valuable staff time and administrative costs.

From an organisational perspective, the system automates processes and efficiently captures data, with detailed analytics and trend reports—giving clinical staff more time with patients and administrative staff all the data they need to optimise performance.

The Result

Since implementing patient-self-check-in kiosks in September 2017, the Trust has seen a pronounced upturn in patient satisfaction, with some 93% of 16,171 patients surveyed agreeing that the new system is easy to use. Jayne Evans, Assistant General Manager for Outpatients explains, “patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular, our patients are very pleased with the enhanced privacy the kiosks provide over traditional methods of check-in.”

What’s more, Enlighten has provided real benefits for the Trust's administrative and clinical staff. The system has given receptionists and admin staff more time for patient follow-up whereas previously over 70% of their time was taken up by patient check-in. As Nicola Turner, Divisional Director told us, “the system has been great for staff satisfaction, our administrative staff feel they have a more rounded job role since switching to patient self-check-in.”

Finally, the Trust has found that the benefits of Enlighten go far beyond patient and employee satisfaction, with staff gaining a new level of insight from its patient survey and reporting functions. Nicola Turner again explains, “the kiosk has so much potential for boosting patient engagement and giving us a better handle on patient trends and concerns, we really feel this is just the beginning.”