Deploying Check-In and Calling Solutions into Imperial Hospital

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The Hospital

The project undertaken by Jayex was to deploy patient check-in and calling solutions into Imperial Hospital Healthcare Trust. Imperial have Outpatient activity figures of over 1.5 million patients per year who attend multi-disciplinary clinics across 6 sites.

The project was completed within 8 weeks and involved setting up a steering group, project plans, monitoring calls and escalation processes which helped all staff work towards an agreed go live date.

The Challenge

The main challenges of the project were to deliver to a very tight timeline in engagement with key stakeholders from the Trust whilst maintaining a robust project methodology. The Jayex project delivery and Trust teams worked collaboratively to achieve and exceed expectations.

The Trust sought to implement self service check in to assist with the following Trust drivers:

  • Improving the patient experience
  • Releasing capacity at the front desk
  • Improving data quality
  • Achieving efficiency savings across the Trust

The Solution

Jayex commenced this significant project by deploying patient check in kiosks and patient calling screens in the MOPD at Charing Cross Hospital. The solution offers a wide range of configurability from which the Trust chose to deploy patient check in with a selection of both mandatory and non-mandatory demographic updates. Patients had the opportunity to review and update their demographic information at the kiosk which would then intuitively direct the patient to the correct waiting area.

Jayex project teams worked with the Trust to configure all workflows to the system making it easy for both clinical and reception staff to view and manage patient flow. Clinical staff are currently using the system to manage the flow of patients through to calling them for consultation via patient calling screens.

The Result

Within a 2 month time frame, the Trust has witnessed an unprecedented adoption rate (in excess of 70% for both check-in and calling consistently and up to 95% quite frequently) which has far exceeded the critical success factors set by the Trust. This is in part a result of Jayex having sufficient resource to be site based during go-live periods to help consolidate learning from training sessions and to steer users towards autonomy with the system.

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