Board of Directors




   Michael Boyd

      (B.Comm (UWA) Grad. Dip App Fin)


Michael Boyd is the Chairman of the Company and has been involved since its inception 11 years ago. Based in Melbourne, he has led the corporate structuring of the Company and the development of the Group’s strategic vision. On a practical level, he has initiated contacts with all stakeholder groups including professional bodies, regulatory bodies, wholesale distributors, pharmacy groups and individuals.

Mr. Boyd has been involved in the creation of new enterprises, both in the private and public sectors, for over 25 years. Mr. Boyd has been successful in developing and growing new projects in diverse areas, including healthcare, telecommunications and finance.

Trained as a Charted Accountant, he was a founding Director and Chairman of Sonic Healthcare Ltd, now an ASX listed top 50 company. After leaving Sonic he started Foundation Healthcare, growing it to over 800 healthcare professionals before it was acquired by Sonic. He was also a founding partner of Iridium Satellite bringing it out from bankruptcy to now a NASDAQ listed company.





   Brian Renwick

      (MBA, FCA, B.Bus (Accounting) Monash)


Mr. Renwick is very broadly experienced across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in Australia. His involvement with the sector commenced in finance roles that lead into commercial analysis, marketing and sales. From this broad commercial experience in the manufacturing end of the supply chain, he moved into the wholesaling segment with various business development roles in retail and hospital pharmacy. Mr Renwick’s roles broadened into commercial and business development, including as general manager for a corporate pharmacy business. He has completed two Business Development roles within the CSL Limited group.

With his detailed commercial knowledge and broad experience across the healthcare segment, Brian has provided consulting advice to Jayex since 2006 and is an important member of the team.





   Michael Chan


Michael is the founder and Managing Director at AMG Corporate Pty Ltd, an independent, Australian-owned financial services company providing advisory services for property, development, and business finance, and risk insurance related services.

Mr Chan is a holder of an Australian Credit Licence with responsibility for marketing,  distribution programs, client management and corporate relationships within his organisation.

Mr Chan has extensive experience in broad based financial services, with almost 40 years in both the consumer and commercial segments. He has had major responsibility for the financial strategic direction of Jayex, with an expansive range of contacts within the banking and private equity sectors. 





   Nick Harper


Nick has over thirty years’ experience working in software development. During that time, he has worked in the public sector (local government), investment banking and the aviation sector in a wide variety of roles and with varied responsibilities. Nick has worked on implementing and maintaining many different types of software systems from batch valuation systems to real-time data processing.

Based in the UK, Nick also has extensive experience of project management and software team building. He favours a heavily customer-focused outlook. More recently Nick has concentrated on product management and ownership, especially with regard to facilitating the flow from product vision to realisation as software.

Nick is especially excited to be bringing his wealth of experience to the healthcare sector.

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