Online Appointment Booking

Improve patient experience, build your patient base, and reduce the pressure on staff with our online booking module, Jayex Appointuit.

Key Features

  • Accessible online or as a downloadable app
  • Automated SMS appointment reminders
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Book by next available, preferred or specific practitioner
  • SMS and email confirmation and reminders
  • Reporting and analytics functions
  • New patient registration
  • Bookings through your website
  • Easy-to-manage credit system for SMS

Jayex Appointuit is our online booking and patient management module for the platform, created to help organisations modernise patient-doctor communication.

Our platform provides a secure and easy-to-use method for patients to book appointments, request prescriptions, and communicate with their doctor online. This not only improves patients' engagement with their health, but also reduces the administrative burden on your staff.

“Our patients find it very easy to use and reassuring to know that they can make an appointment outside of office hours.”

Dr. Quan Vo
Glebe Medical Centre, Sydney

Modernise Appointment Booking

Offer your patients a service that fits around their busy lives. Patients can request an appointment at any time of the day or night, choosing between their usual practitioner, the next available slot or even a specific doctor

The same applies to prescriptions: users simply log on and request a repeat whenever it’s needed.

Minimise Costly No-Shows

SMS and email push notifications remind patients of upcoming appointments regardless of how they booked, minimising missed appointments and saving your clinical staff time.

What’s more, Jayex Arrive also empowers your patients to manage their own appointments, either through the mobile app or widget on your website.

Grow Your Patient Base

Jayex Appointuit provides a simple online registration process for new patients, giving you an effortless method of growing your practice.

You’ll also have a clear picture of the habits and preferences of your existing patients with the module’s detailed analytics and reporting functions — making it easier to offer a tailored service and retain current patients.

Free-up Staff Time

With your admin staff no longer spending most of their day managing appointments and repeat prescription requests, they’ll have more time for activities that boost patient satisfaction such as outreach and pastoral care.

Time for an Upgrade?

To learn more about how Jayex Appointuit can help you modernise the booking process, get in touch. 

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