Patient Check-In Software

Provide an inclusive patient environment, streamline your arrivals process, and improve data collection with our self-check-in module, Jayex Arrive.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use touch screens
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Translated into over 50 languages
  • Simple, two-step patient check-in
  • Patient-friendly display for improved visibility/access
  • Patient data and trend capture
  • Customisable arrival rules
  • Single or multiple screens
  • Comprehensive reporting function
  • A wide range of deployment options

Since 2005, we’ve completed more than 2200 projects developing and installing patient self-check-in solutions for healthcare organisations. Our experience spans primary, community, and acute health services — so whatever your organisation's role, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Jayex Arrive, our self-check-in module for the platform, is designed to minimise the time patients spend queuing and entering details. This not only improves patient satisfaction and experience through friction-free arrivals, but it also relieves the administrative burden on your staff.

We have been overwhelmed by the success of Jayex Arrive, it reduces queues, gets patients to the doctors quicker and no one is left waiting...Feedback has been very positive, particularly from our senior patients.”

Fiona Van Meurs, Practice Manager
South Gippsland Family Medical

Customise to Your Organisation

Patient check-in can be modified to fit your space. Arrive can be installed via free-standing kiosks, wall-mounted or even positioned on the reception desk.

From a single dashboard, you’ll be able to control and create custom rules for as many screens as you need — giving you complete control of your waiting room from a central or remote location.

Tailor to your organisation

Jayex Arrive is the solution to chaotic waiting rooms.

Set rules to ensure patient check-in runs smoothly, from late/early arrival rules to age restrictions for minors to ‘frequent flyer’ quick check-in for patients with recurrent appointments.

Remove  Accessibility Barriers

Our module translates content into over 50 languages, supported by screens with easily altered font and display settings for patients with visual impairments.

Provide your entire patient base with easy access to healthcare — no matter how diverse your community.

Harness  Demographic Data

Difficulty keeping your patient records up-to-date is a thing of the past with automatic data collection on check-in.

Take this a step further by asking pre-set or custom questions (through our survey module) to collect data on specific health conditions or demographics. 

Simplify Patient Check-In

Learn more about how Jayex Arrive can help you deliver a first-rate check-in experience.

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