Digital Signage & Patient-Calling

Deliver healthcare messages with clarity, boost efficiency and transform patient experience with Jayex Display, our patient calling and communication module.

Key Features

Fully customisable content and playlists
Support for single or multiple calls simultaneously
Stand-alone or centrally managed
Single or multiple screens
Integrated call forward solution
Content trend reporting
Access to an extensive media library
Live news and weather RSS feeds
Cloud-based platform available anywhere
Support for live streaming e.g. via YouTube and radio
Linux digital media player

Jayex Display is designed with patient experience and communication in mind. We'll help you find the option that delivers the best results for your organisation, whether that's a stand-alone unit or a network of digital displays.

With the capability to broadcast a vast range of customisable content, call patients forward and, ultimately, enhance patient experience, Jayex Display is much more than just a signage system.

“Your system has completely transformed my waiting area, almost every patient I have spoken to is happy with the system.”

Dr. Chhitij Mohan

Dunsville Medical Centre


Customise to Your Organisation

Jayex Display is distinguished by its user choice. Choose from single or multiple screens, single or split-screen modes, and stand-alone or central management.

For busier organisations, patient calls and content can be set to appear in multiple windows to avoid delays and maximise exposure to campaigns.

Choose Your Content

Relevant communication is vital to a patient-centric service. Access an extensive library of videos and images tailored to your organisation and audience.

Display everything from live TV to news and weather RSS feeds to your own custom healthcare messaging and playlists.

Enhance Patient Experience

Keeping your patients updated on waiting times and when they can expect to be seen improves patient satisfaction.

What’s more, with the ability to display relevant and engaging content while patients wait, you’ll ensure patients are always entertained and exposed to the latest healthcare campaigns.
Your waiting room need never be dull again.

Call Patients at a Click

Our technology allows staff to issue a patient call on the display straight from their desktop or browser.

Remove the need for reception staff or doctors to leave their desks or call patients manually—saving your staff valuable minutes and cutting waiting times for patients.