Contract & Payment Terms

Use of Jayex Hardware

Your Jayex kiosk and any other hardware costs are payable upfront with no payment plan option available.

Once your upfront payment is received, the kiosk and all other hardware included in your Purchase contract agreement are the property of your business.

The Jayex software license subscription is payable annually.

Leasing Contract Agreement (pre-2019 only): If you started using your Jayex kiosk prior to 2019, you might have been under a Leasing contract agreement via a third-party funding company. Under Leasing contract agreements, your kiosk remains the property of Jayex. Once your Leasing contract agreement comes to an end and if you wish to continue to use the Jayex kiosk as normal, an annual software license fee applies and is payable directly to Jayex.

If you wish to cancel your Jayex contract agreement, the kiosk will have to be returned to Jayex at your own costs.

If you wish to keep your kiosk after your cancellation, a transfer of ownership one-off fee of $500 + GST will apply.


Use of Jayex Software

Your Jayex Software License is subject to a yearly renewal which includes the use of the Jayex software license, support and maintenance. In case of non-payment, Jayex will discontinue any support and maintenance services from the Jayex team and we reserve the right to disable your access to our software license.

At the time of your renewal, your annual invoice will be sent to your nominated email address. Your subscription is payable in advance, so it is important you pay your invoice on time.

We offer monthly payment plans via our partner Ezidebit. If you wish to set up a direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card, please contact us. One-off admin fee and recurring transaction fees apply according to Ezidebit terms and conditions. Please note as of 01 April 2021, we do no longer accept monthly instalments paid on receipt of invoice.

Please ensure you update us of any changes of contact or payment details. A quick email to will allow us to send the invoice to the right person and avoid any disruptions to your service.


Your Payment

We currently accept the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer
Account Name: Jayex Australia Pty Ltd
BSB: 083-277
Account Number: 94-594-9653

Direct Debit from nominated bank account/credit card via our partner Ezidebit.


Cancellation of your Software License

Your Jayex software license subscription may be cancelled at any time; however, you must pay all remaining amounts due for your yearly subscription to finalise your account.

Cancellation will need to be received in writing via email.


Pausing your Subscription

Unfortunately, as your Jayex software license is billed yearly, we are unable to temporarily pause your subscription.


COVID-19 Special Circumstances

We proudly supported our Jayex customers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. With restrictions easing all around Australia since the beginning of 2021, we are happy to see all our customers are back to using the Jayex kiosks and software licenses as normal.

During these unprecedented times, we exceptionally allowed for subscriptions to be paused, however as of 1st Mar 2021, we can no longer offer this option. Jayex customers who wish to suspend the use of their kiosk and software license after this date due to Covid-19, will do so by choice and software license fees will still be applicable.

If you have any concerns regarding state-specific circumstances and/or targeted lockdowns, please contact us at


Change in Prices

Our fees are reviewed yearly and updated fees will only apply at your next renewal.


Change of Practice Management System

We are happy to assist if you decide to change your Practice Management System along the way, however please note fees may apply. Please contact for general enquiries and for any technical support enquiries.

Jayex and You

If at anytime you wish to discuss your subscription or payments, the Jayex team is here to listen and assist.

Please contact us at for general enquiries or for your billing enquiries.

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