Jayex Information & Services 

Transform your check-in screen into a complete information hub with practice opening times, flu vaccination clinic details and key NHS updates, with options of adding text, tables, media and URL links.

Key Features

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Increase health literacy
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Cloud-based platform
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Reduce clinician admin & appointments
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Reduce digital health inequalities
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Increase overall staff productivity
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Increase use of local resources
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Instant access to information
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Web-based access

Product Overview

Read our product overview for a comprehensive breakdown Jayex Information & Services key features and technical specifications.

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Tackle Digital Inequalities

40% of adults have low health literacy skills in the UK. We can strengthen health literacy by providing easily accessible information within your waiting room.

By breaking down barriers of digital exclusion, we can engage, support and care for those most marginalised in our society.

Our tool allows patients of all backgrounds easy access to information and health-related internet services. It aids in reducing health inequalities in communities due to limited internet access and paves the way for better population health.


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Scaling In Your Practice

Jayex Information & Services is designed with patient communication and minimising staff workload in mind.

It's limitless nature means you can easily integrate to an existing check-in screen you own or you can buy a separate screen used solely to provide Information & Services.

This can be useful if you want to direct patients to a plethora of services and further streamline your waiting room. Screens can be provided as a wall mounted touchscreen, desk mounted touchscreen or as a standalone kiosk.

“We’re responsible for the healthcare in one of the UK’s most diverse boroughs, so the ability to digitally publish our translated healthcare messages has helped us ensure we’re connecting with the whole community.”

Chris Riley, IT Project Manager


Enhances Patient Engagement

Provide patients with a wealth of knowledge and services at their fingertips to encourage them to take a more proactive approach in their healthcare.

Fostering patient engagement will allow you to provide better patient care within your practice, reduce staff strain as you signpost other resources for patients in your local area, and decrease reception and clinician queries as patients will be better informed.

Multimedia Content

From URL links to your practice website, NHS web pages, video and image based health content, to your own custom healthcare messaging, you're content is truly limitless.

Communication is key to any patient-centric service. Tailor your information and services to your local population with complete freedom and ease.

Scale To Your Practice

This tool integrates perfectly with our self arrival touch screen, perfect for practices with limited space or smaller populations.

Providing a standalone or multiple touch screens for your health centre or larger practices, with solely information and services is perfect for boosting the benefits of this product.

Easy For Staff To Use

Our cloud-based system is not only easy for practice staff to use, but is accessed from the same platform as all of our Jayex Connect modules.

Swiftly add practice updates, add multiple links, upload your own media or use our Jayex library filled with health based content, saving you ample time.

Transform Your Waiting Room

Revolutionise your practice with Jayex Information & Services, by tackling digital inequalities in primary care to see a real change across the population

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