Patient Surveys

Effortlessly create custom patient questionnaires, identify trends early and improve patient engagement with our patient canvassing tool, Jayex Survey.

Key Features

Multi-layered questioning
Cloud-based platform
Tabular and graph reporting
Able to integrate with email
Exportable reports
Results by demographic
Publishable to a range of devices

Creating patient surveys is simple with our web-based module.

Jayex Survey gives you the ability to publish local or centrally designed and managed surveys to a range of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Share your custom surveys through the module’s email integration or our app to provide your patients with easy, on-the-go, submissions.

“Jayex’s interactive surveys solution offers healthcare organisations instant access to patient views and will greatly support healthcare professionals in the run-up to revalidation.”

Dr. Michael Oko, Head of Department for ENT Surgery, General Surgey, and Sleep Service


Identify Patient Trends and Concerns

Keep one step ahead of patient satisfaction trends with built-in analytics and reporting.

View stats in whichever format you’re most comfortable with, whether that’s a tabular list, pie chart or graph — giving you visibility of patient satisfaction at all times.

Build Your Own Surveys

Design your own custom surveys to suit your target audience in a few simple steps.

Pick from checkboxes, radio buttons, free-form text or drop-down menus to create the ideal survey for your audience.

Access From Anywhere

Manage your patient surveys from anywhere; simply login onto the platform using any modern browser.

What's more, you'll benefit from a secure and private connection, with everything you do transmitted using a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption tunnel.

Schedule to Suit Your Needs

Make your survey available instantly or schedule it for a specific time.

An option to set an end-date is also available for questions connected to events or specific times of the year — making Jayex Survey an invaluable tool for gathering feedback on seasonal health campaigns.

Keep Your Finger on The Pulse

To learn more about how Jayex Survey can help you effortlessly identify patient satisfaction trends, book a demo.

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