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Simply Invaluable

Since 1978, we have become the healthcare sector leaders in patient engagement optimisation and we work closely with all the Practice Management Solutions providers.

What do we mean by ‘simply invaluable’?

Well to be clear, it’s not is a marketing slogan.

Everything we invest in crafting, developing, delivering, and supporting our healthcare solutions is rooted in what we recognise as invaluable to practices and patients.

Nothing is added just for show. No extra bells and whistles are added that may look good but serve no genuine purpose or value.

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Our Solutions

Our focus is on the integrated values of how our solutions best enable healthcare professionals to do their job and patients to access and utilise the care at their disposal.

It’s a guiding principle for customers/patients’ user experience, and internal guiding principle on not including anything that’s not got a clear purpose and value for the solution’s application.

It underpins and drives what, why and how we develop both our existing and future solutions, and also who we may choose to work with as Jayex strategically grows.

What’s vitally important is that our customers, their organisations (colleagues, partners and suppliers) and ultimately patients experience and appreciate simply invaluable outputs, outcomes and impact from all Jayex solutions, interactions and communications.

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