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Cegedim are becoming the preferred clinical system of choice across Scotland for most health board areas and the migration has already started. 

Jayex can continue to support your check-in solution and patient calling whatever clinical system or environment your health board uses.  For ease, please find below key information to help navigate the changes, plus additional insights into developments and requirements you may find useful.  

Key things when moving from Vision LAN or EMIS PCS, to Vision Hosted for current Jayex customers.

Pre-requisites and guidance to support migration 

  • Ensure you have an up-to-date Software and Support Licence with Jayex. This can be checked within the Manage>Licensing area of your Jayex Enlighten admin panel. In the Jayex Connect admin panel, this can be checked within the Support area.
  • If your practice has not fully returned to using your check-in or patient calling solutions post Covid, preparing for migration is a good opportunity to do so. 
  • Do use this as an opportunity to check your equipment’s warranty is in date.  
  • Whilst your product may be receiving software support, the equipment is provided with an inclusive warranty which covers parts and labour should your product require repairs.  
    • Jayex can tell you IF your equipment is currently warrantied, and if not can provide options for putting this support back in place.  
  • Older solutions (pre-2020) may be a Windows 7 machine.  
    • If so, please contact us to arrange upgrading at the earliest opportunity to Windows 10, the minimum standard OS for secure operation.   
  • You must make your local GPIT team aware you wish to continue to use your check-in as part of the migration. They will speak with our Operations team to facilitate this.  
NOT currently a Jayex customer? We’re the market leader for good reason, our solutions deliver better patient engagement and simple system management, ease of reporting and tangible return on investment.

ONLY Jayex offers the choice between the unique cloud-based solution OR, alternative on-premise option, whichever best suits your needs. We can also get you up and running within a matter of weeks!

Contact Jonathan French (Strategic Business Development Manager, Scotland & North)

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Jayex offers the two leading check-in solutions, Connect and Enlighten

What are the key differences between Connect and Enlighten?

Jayex Enlighten

Jayex Enlighten, is our original on-premise solution and directly integrates with Vision LAN, EMIS PCS and Vision Hosted clinical systems.

It delivers all key functionality and requirements to check patients in, as well as necessary reporting functionality for practice managers. 

Jayex Connect

Jayex Connect is our newest option and the ONLY cloud-based check-in solution with patient calling available, delivering all key requirements and much more besides.

Being cloud based allows our Engineering team to provide a more robust solution, which can be updated, diagnosed and supported completely remotely, reducing practice downtime and improving the support experience.

Upgrading from Enlighten to Connect 

To get the most out of your check-in and patient calling, it’s recommended existing Jayex Enlighten practices consider upgrading to our new Connect platform as soon as possible, and we’ve made that option easy and very cost-effective for you to do so.   

This will future proof your check-in and calling functions for years to come and will include the necessary warranty for complete peace of mind. Once upgraded, the only ongoing cost is the annual licence fee, with no additional fees or charges for hardware.  

Over the coming months we’ll continue to update, improving the experience for practices and patients alike.  

Contact Jonathan French our Strategic Business Development Manager for Scotland and the North of England by clicking below.

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All current and future developments will be on this Primary Care sector leading Connect platform, delivering: 
  • Cloud-based (robust, secure and with remote support and updates) 
  • Intuitive patient check-in screens and seamless integration with all clinical systems 
  • Wide ranging check-in and reporting functionality 
  • Windows 11 ready 
  • New and improved fully integrated Patient Survey module supporting patient health questionnaires including the capturing of QOF information requirements  
  • Can surface and support practice long-term condition templates/patient pathways linked to other practice software systems such as AccuRX and eConsult for example 
  • A range of helpful Patient Information Hub functions 
Assurance and Information Governance across Scotland

Jayex are an assured partner of Vision. We continue to work in partnership with Vision to improve our integration. As the leading supplier of Patient Check-in and Patient Calling services, we have worked with, or have a presence in almost every health board in Scotland and ICB across other parts of the UK. That gives Jayex unrivalled experience of delivery across multiple environments and all clinical system providers.  

In partnership with each health board and practice, we are supporting the provision of all necessary SSP and DPIA documentation. If you feel this is required for your practices as part of the migration work, or would like to review this, please contact Jayex, and we’ll be able to coordinate conversation and support with our DPO.