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Jayex Connect

Modern healthcare demands patient services that are digital, easy-to-use, and engaging. Jayex Connect supports all key aspects of patient engagement management in one neat package.

  • A simpler way to manage your patient engagement
  • Choose the combination of patient engagement solutions that best fits your practice
  • No need to buy new hardware
Jayex Connect

Patient Check-In

Regain control over time-consuming arrival processes with our patient self-check-in system.

  • Cut waiting times with self check-in
  • Provide a complete information hub
  • Design and publish patient questionnaires
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Jayex Connect

Patient Calling

Revitalise your waiting room with digital displays. Deliver clear healthcare messages, improve patient flow, and enhance the patient experience.

  • Trigger patient calls
  • Display a variety of messaging
  • Declutter your waiting area
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System Integration

Jayex Connect is fully compatible with EMIS Web, Vision Aeros, and TPP SystmOne.

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