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Jayex Connect

Clearly everybody is different and not everything our solutions deliver (or that anyone can of course) will deliver everything for everyone.

We are confident however, that everyone will associate with and experience something that is ‘simply invaluable’ in helping them do their job, and that patients experience as part of their patient journey with their GP and across Primary Care.

To identify how Jayex’s Connect solutions can best support you and your needs, please contact us and tell us what you would find ‘simply invaluable’. We’re confident we’ll have a solution to meet your needs.

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GP Practices / Private Clinics

GP's / Clinicians

Address health inequalities with easy to use, accessible technology and systems

Quality Improvement – monitor patient satisfaction with the Friends & Family Test 

Invaluable staff time saved allowing resources to be allocated effectively and efficiently

Practice Managers

Optimise patient accessibility and with multilingual solutions 

Quality Improvement – increase patient satisfaction with a streamlined patient flow 

Improvement to workloads and staff satisfaction

IT Professionals

Seamless and secure system implementation, management and control

Intuitive interfaces for staff 

Interoperable integration with any Practice Management System

PCN's / Clusters & Federations

  • Help address health inequalities and digital disenfranchising across your local population 
  • Scalability to allow you to enhance patient care coordination
  • Cost and time savings

ICB's / Health boards

  • Support population health management with our accessible solutions
  • Scalability enhances patient care coordination
  • Cost and time savings across your ICB