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We are aware of practice system issues in practices relating to the wider IT issues across the country. All Jayex systems are not directly affected and are fully operational.

Jayex optimises patient flow across your GP practice

By Keenal Majithia

The Connect Platform by Jayex is much more than the market leading patient check-in and calling solution suite. With over 3000 customers, Connect delivers a comprehensive ecosystem of related tools, which simplify and enhance the operational and patient engagement processes within GP practices. Connect is a secure, cloud-based suite of integrated products for GP practices. … Continued

Excellence and continual improvement in Customer Service: Think you know Jayex? Think again

By Keenal Majithia

Jayex’s commitment to delivering excellent customer support  As the demand for efficiency in healthcare administration grows, GP practice managers are increasingly turning to automated solutions for patient check-ins and waiting room management. At Jayex, we deliver simple and intuitive solutions with comprehensive customer support.  Our new Service Management Team at Jayex have redefined how we … Continued

Addressing ICB funding changes on practices and PCN’s

By Keenal Majithia

With demand for face-to-face appointments continuing to rise, the impact of some ICB budgets reducing is adding to existing funding challenges. In particular, we’re aware some ICB’s aren’t centrally funding practice patient management systems they did previously, meaning practices and PCN’s now have that responsibility. Balancing patient care, experience and satisfaction whilst optimising practice staff/system … Continued

Webinar: An introduction to Jayex Connect and QView 22.05.24

By Keenal Majithia

In our most recent webinar, “An introduction to Jayex Connect and QView”, we unveiled QView. This valuable advance in patient check-in and calling is available to early adopters now. You can find our more about setting up QView in your practice by clicking here to register. Below, you’ll find access to the webinar recording, the presentation … Continued

How ICS budgets may impact your practice

By Keenal Majithia

Practices funded by local ICS’s have the chance to contact us directly to explore how we can customise our solutions for your local population.  Recent ICS budget constraints have prompted a shift in financial responsibilities for GP practice services. This transition has affected some of the ICS’s we collaborate with, including the funding of our … Continued

Webinar: How Jayex Connect can deliver impact and ROI for your practice 14.02.24

By Keenal Majithia

Our 1st webinar of 2024 covered “How Jayex Connect, the unique cloud-based check-in and patient calling solution, can deliver for your practice”.  Here you’ll find access to the webinar recording, the presentation slides, and summary of the Q&A for your convenience. In summary it covered how Jayex Connect: Watch the webinar here: View the presentation … Continued

Think you know Jayex? Think again

By wandcadmin

Patient engagement and care navigation is evolving. Jayex is too.  Our intuitive and invaluable healthcare solutions help deliver better patient care, and more than you may know.  We’ve always been committed to consistently evolving and improving the way primary healthcare in the key first port of call for your patients. For patients and practices alike, … Continued