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Improve patient flow & appointment attendance

Through Jayex Connect, practices can improve patient flow and attendance of appointments by sending direct reminders to patients via SMS or with available email campaign tools. Easily synced to patient information and appointment data, reminders can be sent automatically.

The tools allow filtering of patients into targeted groups, direct healthcare campaigns, notifications, or communications towards separate patient segments. Patients receive personalised messaging relevant to them.

  • Enhance patient communication
  • Encourage patients to be proactive in their healthcare
  • Foster increased engagement with all practice services
  • Improve health care literacy
  • Increase accessibility of information
  • Tackle digital inequalities
  • Enhance overall staff productivity
  • Ease pressure on clinicians
Custom Templates

You can create custom email or SMS templates for communication with patients allowing creation a bespoke calendars, automatically sent out at the relevant time. 


‘Messages can be sent to patients reminding them to pick up prescriptions, reschedule appointments if necessary, or attend treatment. The tools are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. 


Analytic and reporting functionality allows you to monitor open rates, email bounces, failed deliveries, and rejected addresses of your patient communications. It also gives detailed insight into the quality of your patient data, allowing you to make alterations to or remove inaccurate data. 


Jayex Connect also includes the ability to incorporate surveys into the check-in touchscreen and through SMS/email messaging.

It’s quick and easy to create and apply fully customisable patient questionnaires including with SNOMED codes on our multi-channel survey building tool.

Using patient surveys can also support QOF and IIF information gathering targets, GMC revalidation, aid in monitoring practice standards against national guidelines, and improve patient care.

The inbuilt survey tool allows fully customisable questionnaires, tabular and graph reporting, exportable reports, results by demographic, audit trails, the ability to add web content, and is publishable to a range of devices.

Terminal screen example