Patient Engagement Platform

Access all the tools you need to manage patient experience and engagement from a single platform with Jayex Connect.

Modern healthcare demands patient services that are digital, easy-to-use, and engaging. Made up of 5 modules, each targeted at a specific aspect of patient management, Jayex Connect delivers all of this in one neat package.


Online appointment booking reduces the burden on your resources and offers patients a modern healthcare experience.

  • Provide a service that fits around patients’ busy lives with 24/7 booking and prescription requests
  • Minimise costly no-shows with SMS and email reminders
  • Reduce the time staff spend booking appointments

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Transform your waiting room with digital displays that simplify communication, improve patient flow, and enhance the patient experience.

  • Trigger patient calls straight from your clinical management system
  • Display videos, news and weather RSS feeds, and your own custom healthcare messaging
  • Customise to your organisation with your choice of screen options

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Our patient self-check-in module helps you regain control over messy and time-consuming arrivals processes.

  • Cut down check-in times and the burden on staff with self-check-in
  • Keep patient records up to date easily with data collection on check-in
  • Overcome accessibility barriers with the module’s translation tool

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Our patient engagement module makes creating and sharing targeted healthcare campaigns simple.

  • Broaden the reach of your healthcare campaigns with SMS and email messaging
  • Evaluate the success of your patient communications with analytics and reporting functions
  • Target specific segments of your patient list with tailored campaigns

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Jayex Survey provides an easy-to-use toolkit for designing and publishing your own custom patient questionnaires.

  • Create your own custom surveys in a few simple steps
  • Schedule surveys to suit you and create seasonal or time-limited campaigns
  • Stay one step ahead of patient satisfaction trends with in-built reporting

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